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Sitaji’s instruction to Hanumanji

Lord Shiva said – Having set the context, hey Parvati, I will narrate the emancipation affecting clandestine and rare dialog among Lord Shree RamChandra, Mata Sitaji and Lord Hanumanji.

In the days of the yore, when the events related to Ramayana occurred, Lord Shree RamChandra, the heroic warrior, after destroying Ravana and his colleagues, having returned to his capital city of Ayodhya along with Sitaji, Lakshmanji, Hanumanji, monkey-king Sugriva, Ravan’s brother and new king of Lanka, Vibhishana, was sitting on his throne. Anointed king Lord Shree RamChandra, who was luminous just like billion suns, was attended by great men such as Sage Vasishta, his Guru and other sages. Lord Shree RamChandra saw Hanumanji, having fulfilled his duties solemnly, was desireless and was an aspirant of true knowledge, with his hands folded in salutation (namaskaram). Seeing him thus, Lord Shree RamChandra, requested Mata Sitaji hence – “Devi, impart to Hanuman, the knowledge of the Supreme Truth. He is ever-pure and highly devoted to us. He is a fit recipient for spiritual knowledge and illumination. Sitaji, who is manifestation of Lord’s Supreme Power, engrossing the whole universe with illusion, agreed to do so to Hanumanji, who is the true refugee at the Lord’s feet, in a truly convincing way.

Sitaji on the Real Nature of Lord Shree RamChandra

Sitaji said – dear Hanuman, comprehend Rama to be the Supreme Brahman – the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute, the One without a second. He is pure existence, devoid of all titles and adjuncts, whom the senses cannot perceive as an object (means that He is always the Subject). Understand Lord Shree RamChandra as pure bliss, devoid of any impurity, as peace, as changeless substance, as free from any dualities, beyond the grasp of eleven senses (5 senses of perception, 5 senses of action + 1 mind) as all-pervading spirit, as devoid of all distractions, and as self-revealing Consciousness. Understand me as the instinctive nature (Prakriti), the material, instrumental and elemental cause of the creation, sustenance & dissolution of the universe. By the mere presence of Lord Shree RamChandra, the Supreme Brahman, I manifest as the entire creation.

What I manifest, by His mere presence, the ignorant superimpose & blame on Him. He was born in the lineage of Raghu, in the capital city of Ayodhya, ruled by his father, Kind Dasharatha. Lord Shree RamChandra helped Sage Visvamitra, to conduct the sacrificial rites safely from the obstruction and destruction done by Rakshasas (demons). Thereafter, he terminated the effects of curse on Devi Ahalya, who was His great devotee. After that, having broken the great bow of Lord Shiva, in the court of my father, King Janaka, he solemnized his wedding with me. On his way back to Ayodhya, he humbled the pride of Lord Parshuram, and lived with me in Ayodhya for 12 years. He was then sent to exile by Mata Kaikeyi, his step-mother to forest (Dandakaranya) where he had several adventures such as meeting several sages such as Sutikshna, Agastya etc., destruction of Viradha, slaughter of demon Marichi, who tried to deceive us in the form of a golden-deer, and abduction of Maya-Sita by Ravana. Next, He gave salvation to Jatayu and Kabandh, accepted the loving worship of Mata Sabri, and had a treaty with monkey-king Sugriva. After killing Vali, Sugriva’s brother, Lord Shree RamChandra enthroned Sugriva to the kingdom of Kishkindha. Thereafter, with the help of trillions (for exact count, please refer to Valmiki Ramayana) of monkey kings and their army, led by Hanumanji, He build a bridge to Lanka to find Maya-Sita, ultimately decimating the entire Rakshasa clan of Ravana – including his brother Kumbhakarna & valiant son Meghnad or Indrajit, the victor of Lord Indra (the King of Heavens). Having given the throne of Lanka to Vibhishana, He returned to Ayodhya in Pushpak Vimana and was crowned as its King. All these achievements, though accomplished by me (as Prakriti), are superimposed and inculpated upon Him, who is ever changeless in Himself and is the soul of all beings. Lord Shree RamChandra does not walk, does not sit, does not sorrow, does not desire, does not abandon; there is no trace of activity in Him. Being pure bliss and existence, there is no movement, no change, no transformation in Him, since He is the Supreme Substratum of everything, the Maya, which is His changeful nature. He underlies all the constituents of Maya, as their substratum; and for those who cannot distinguish Him from His Maya, He seems to get transformed, whereas, it is only the constituents of Maya that undergo any transformation. 

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