Today I am Sharing a great book written by a sadhak. 

The book name is “Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga” (in the company of sadguru). It is published in 4 parts (in Hindi ) and 2 parts (in english). 

The book is written by Shri Kuldananda Brahmchari in which he has described day-to-day experiences, sadhana stories and realisations, sermons given to him, with his guru Shree Bijoy Krishna Goswamiji.

Picture of disciple The Disciple , Author
Disciple , Author

This book is one of its kind as author has not not hide his weaknesses but also how he benefitted from while living in ashram of sadguru.

  • What is special about the book?

Below are the excerpts from introduction written about book from site of book:- 

  • Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga’, a diary maintained by Shree Kuladananda Brahmachari, one of the most intimate disciples and companion/attendant of Goswami Prabhu is an invaluable collection of priceless gems containing the discourses by Goswamiji and the activities of his and his satisfying answers to the questions of a serious, gritty spiritual aspirant. We are grateful to Shree Kuladanandaji for this outstanding contribution to humanity.
  • The power of Sadguru is the direct power of God whose grace encompasses the world. The depictions contain an exact account, serially, as to how God who is the ocean of love, the ocean of forgiveness, is engaged in deliverance while being present in the life of the spiritual aspirant, who is weak, dominated by desire, cowed down with fear, but who ceaselessly and sincerely remains engaged in spiritual practice. That is why, this is a much sought after book by all the sadhaks who want spiritual progress.
  • The person receiving these sermons was just an agent. Those treading the path of sadhan will certainly receive peace, knowledge and joy from this. Actually such a book in any other literature is rare.

Life becomes extremely invigorating by repeated discussion of these sermons and by giving them practical shape. 

  • How to get the book?

    There are many ways , i know 2 of them. One is by ordering from it from Bijoy Krishna Bhakt Sangh Website and ordering it in any language (Englsh, Hindi, bengali, kannada) of your choice. For that click here. 2nd way is to get it from Sushil Tambi ji (see this post to know about him),  I myself got it from Sushil ji, whom you can contact as per details mentioned below.

Contact Contact detail
  • Any Other Information?

Sushil Tambi ji has also made a video on this book. You can see it by clicking here.

Namo Narayan 🙏

P.S. :- Bijoy Krishna Bhakt Sangh has generously given 1 part of book (out of 4 parts) to read for free to anyone on their website. You can download and read that by clicking here

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