Happy Ganesh Chathurthi wishes to all the viewers. On this auspicious day, my sincere Pranams to my Gurus Satya Sai and Om Swami. Also, I seek the blessings of Goddess Kamatchi. Today, I wish to discuss ways of living through a few aspects of Ganesha.

Another name of Ganesha is Ganapathi. Gana means group. This Universe is made of energies and Pancha Bhootha, the five elements. These energies and matter form this big group called the Universe! Pathi means leader. This creation works based on a Universal Law. Ganesha is the leader. He controls the functioning of this universe based on that Eternal Law. From that Leader of this Universe, we can learn many lessons. Let us dwell on a few of them:

  1. Uniqueness: Ganesha has a unique form – an elephant head on a human body. With that unique form, he became a leader. He converted his uniqueness to his advantage. Many of us have several deficiencies in appearance, etc. But, we lose confidence and never prosper due to lack of confidence and insecurity. That is the first lesson we can learn from Ganesha. Convert our adversaries to our advantage!
  2. Duty Conscious: From mythology, we can learn Ganesha’s birth story. Parvati carved out a boy’s idol from turmeric paste. By breathing life into it, she created a handsome boy. Then, she instructed him to guard the door while she bathed. All of this happened in Lord Shiva’s absence. When Shiva returned home, the boy refused to let him in. Even after knowing the power of Shiva, the boy fought against his father. Ganesha maintained his righteousness and performed his duty. For this, he lost his human head and got an elephant’s head! We can learn and imbibe this duty conscious trait of Ganesha.
  3. Respect to Parents: Shiva and Parvati obtained a miraculous fruit that gave knowledge to the eater. The condition to get that fruit was to circle this Universe. Ganesha went around his parents, who were his world. After worshipping them with respect, he obtained the fruit of knowledge. A great example of treating our parents with respect!
  4. Forgiveness: Once, the Moon laughed at Ganesha. For this, Ganesha cursed him to disappear. When the Moon apologized, Ganesha showed mercy. He revoked the curse. The Moon would go through cycles of New Moon and Full Moon. Unfortunately, the curse could only be removed partially. Anger can get the better of Lord Ganesha! So, we humans should overcome it. Practicing forgiveness is a method of overcoming anger.
  5. Completion of Tasks: Ganesha agreed to write the Mahabharata if Maharishi Ved Vyas dictated continuously without any break. The pens of those days were not as advanced. That might cause the work to slow down. Hence, he broke off his tusk to use as a pen! Many of us start something and give up midway. From Ganesha, we can learn determination and focus on the completion of our tasks. Also, we can be inspired by his sacrifice towards a greater cause.

There are many more lessons to learn from Ganesha. Even following the few listed can make our lives better.

Once again, Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to everyone!

Om Kamatchi Namaha.

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