Astrology is fascinating in itself as it can predict one’s past, present, and future based on some analysis. The type of methods that are used to predict the happenings are even more interesting. Nadi astrology is one of the methods that is also the most ancient one that existed before any method of prediction.

Today we will discuss Nadi astrology and its significance.

About Nadi Astrology

According to this method of astrology, the past, present, and future of humans have already been predicted. The origin of Nadi astrology talks about the four ancient sages. These four sages had developed a higher level of consciousness, and by using their powers, they recorded the entire life chakra of all the humans. These humans included those who lived at that time and all the humans to be born in the future until this date.

These sages then wrote all these predictions on the palm leaves, which exist even today. The discovery of these palm leaves took place later, and the astrologer got to know about this method of prediction by passing them on from one generation to the next.

Interesting Facts About Nadi Astrology

It is fascinating to know that Nadi astrology originated in South India. Those four sages who had powers to decipher the human life chakra were from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

These sages used the palm leaves and bark to note down all the information so it could be passed for eons.

These four sages had the power to decipher dead people’s past, present, and future.

The History Behind Nadi Astrology

All the four Nadis were named after the sages such as Suka, Brahma, Agasthiya, and kaushika Nadi. These four sages deciphered the life chakra of humans and presented them on the palm leaves. They then tied these leaves in a bundle for each individual in the past and will take birth in the future.

Many experienced linguists happened to read and understand the texts of the palm leaves. They all were found in the Powerspot of Tamil Nadu, which is now a library due to having these predictions. The library is “Saraswati Mahal” and is situated in the Tanjore area in Tamil Nadu.

The leaves are not accessible to the public, and only the assigned astrologers can access them for the predictions. These leaves were often carried to metro cities, but they were always brought back to their original location, Saraswati Mahal.

The Accuracy Of Nadi Astrology

It is hard to believe that all humans’ past, present, and future have already been written. However, when the most renowned astrologers read these texts, they vouched for their genuineness.

Astrologers do believe that these palm leaves were accurate as per the sages who wrote them. However, they also believe that these sages made the predictions according to their vision. They say that the real purpose of these predictions was that people could change their destiny to make it better after they knew it.

Since astrology does provide a way to change the adverse effects of the planets, one can change his destiny. People should consider these palm leaves predictions as a reference. They don’t have to bear the bad happening when they can resolve the problems using astrological remedies.

One should know that they can change their destiny through astrological remedies. These remedies motivate us to earn good karma and hence brings us the blessings of the planets. 

Do not believe anyone who says the Nadi predictions are easily accessible. Real Nadis are kept in the assigned location of Tamil Nadu only. If you know Tamil, you can understand the astrologer easily; if not, it is always wise to look for a translator.

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