I invoke Goddess Kamatchi, and my Gurus Sri Satya Sai Baba and Om Swami to guide me through this presentation. My humble Pranaams to everyone reading this post or watching its video (here).

In this write-up/talk, I wish to share some scientific aspects of temple worship. My gratitude to all those wise people from whom I acquired this knowledge.

The first and foremost question is: Why pursue worship in a temple? In this modern world, what significance does such an ancient practice hold? 

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna explains that each one of us is a combination of the three Gunas. That is, Sathvik, Rajasic, and Tamasic tendencies. Devotees who are predominantly Sathvik or peaceful can experience their bodies as the temple. They don’t feel the need to run after the Divine anywhere else. They are happy and always absorbed in the inner Divine called Atman. However, such tendencies arise after performing intense Tapasya or austerities. It’s not impossible, but it is difficult for an average human being.

Those with Tamasic tendencies don’t feel the need for personal or spiritual evolution. For them, devotion or faith itself is a question mark. Hence, temples and worship don’t mean much to them.

In today’s world, most of us are of Rajasic tendency. We go through the ups and downs of life with sadness. We need help to find solace. We wish to transform but are unable to do so. Temple worship is ideally suited for such people.

Scriptures explain that everything in this universe emits vibrations. Based on the permutations and combinations of our Gunas, we transmit either positive or negative vibrations. We also emit different vibrations in our three states of Jagrathi or awake, Sushupti or deep sleep, and Svapna or dream.

Whether it is love, hatred, or passion, many of these vibrations arise from our thoughts. Therefore, keeping our minds in a good state is a crucial factor for our well-being. That’s what makes self-purification activities like meditation, chanting of mantra, and so on, necessary. Even the types of food we eat can cause different kinds of mental vibrations to arise. Also, the environment in which we move and live plays a vital role in keeping the mind in a good state.

It is interesting to note that those with Sathvik tendencies emit more positivity than the others. When we are with a saintly person or in a Divine environment, we naturally feel happy and calm. For those who feel restless and depressed, even basic meditation and chanting becomes difficult. To help such people, the ancient Rishi-s created places, like temples, that create Sathvik vibrations.

Typically, due to the construction design and routine prayer rituals, a temple Sanctorum emits Alpha waves. These waves have a frequency of 7 to 14 Hertz per minute. An environment with these conditions induces Sathvik or peaceful feelings in us.

To give a better idea of this, I’ll provide the frequencies we experience in different states and activities:

  • Delta Wave has a frequency of 0 to 4 Hertz. We experience this in Deep Sleep.
  • Theta Wave is 4 to 7 Hertz. That is suitable for healthy sleep.
  • Alpha Wave is 7 to 14 Hertz. That is ideal for meditation, self-realization, and calming activities.
  • Beta Wave is 14 to 40 Hertz. We experience this while working and other such activities.
  • Gamma Wave is above 40 Hertz. In such frequencies, we feel highly emotional. We may experience anger, jealousy, and so on.

Going to the temple has other benefits, but the primary aim is to calm our minds with the alpha frequency. If we all talk loudly or make other noises, we lose the purpose of visiting a temple. Temples are not places of entertainment! They are dedicated areas for those in pain to feel relief. Hence, it is required to be silent in temples. That will help everyone feel the calming alpha waves there.

Also, that’s precisely why it is suggested that we sit and meditate in the temple for a few minutes. So that we can obtain the maximum benefits of the energy vibrations there. Hence, temple visits are good for all, but specifically for those who are unable to meditate. It will easily help them attain the alpha state.

As a concluding note, I sincerely hope we can all work together to revive the sacredness of temples. Next time we visit a place of worship, let us remember to maintain silence, and get the benefits as explained above.

Please check out my audio version of this post by clicking here. I hope you benefit from my attempt at giving speeches!

Om Kanchi Kamakshi Namo Namaha!