I would like to dive right into the 10 signs of maturity I could see.

  1. Small talks no longer excite you.
  2. Sleep is better than a friendly night out. 
  3. You forgive more. 
  4. You become more open-minded. 
  5. You respect differences. 
  6. You don’t force love. 
  7. You accept heartaches. 
  8. You don’t judge easily. 
  9. You sometimes prefer to be silent than to engage in a nonsense fight.
  10. Your happiness doesn’t depend on people but on your inner self.

Also, I made this a principal for myself:

Don’t advise until you’ve been invited to.

No one is going to listen to you until they’re ready to. Finally, people don’t want advice. If they haven’t asked, they definitely don’t, and if they have asked, what they really want is validation that the course they’ve already chosen is the right thing to do.If you agree with them, you’re only telling them what they already know. If you disagree with them, you’re setting up your relationship with them for unnecessary hardship. Either way, you’re casting judgement.

Your assessment of their story is ultimately superfluous. They don’t want to be told what to do, they want to be told that what they’re thinking, or feeling, or planning, is right.

And unless you’re a mind-reader, you can’t do that.


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