I sat there alone on the wayside,

I had come seeking silence.

I thought I would find some place where,

There would be no sounds – only silence.


There were none of the ordinary sounds here,

Yet all was not quite.

I heard sounds – some pleasant some not,

And I thought if I would really get the respite.


As I sat, with not a sound from me,

I heard the crickets sweet chirping away.

As I shut out other sounds then,

This music had me in a slight sway.


Then I allowed the distant sound of men,

All gay and bright this festive night.

While I would have hated this in normal course,

Today, it didn’t disturb as blaring be it might.


Sounds fell soft on my ears,

As I heard them with rapt attention.

And I felt closer to myself and all around,

Complete silence outside, I realized is but an illusion.


I accepted the sounds coming in,

And all nature of disturbance faded.

The same sounds continued to be heard,

Yet, a silence in me cascaded.


While all sounds still were heard,

Both pleasant ones and some noise.

I also heard the silence I sought,

I knew that silence is but my choice.


It’s not that which falls on my ears,

From things and people around.

But the thoughts in my mind,

Which are the real sound.


I’ve stopped now seeking silence outside,

As it is but a mirage.

What matters is how I be within,

And do let the world into my peace barge.


If there exists complete peace and bliss,

It must be now and here.

I seek the silence which connects me to me,

And makes living so dear.