Silence is not only quietness

Sometimes silence is deafening

To be silent does not mean to be silent from within


What is my silence made up of?

Does it contain exasperation of not being understood,

Suffocation of all unexpressed feelings,

Exhaustion of not gathering courage to fight for myself


My silence means that I am rekindling my dormant primordial energy which resides in me,

My silence means that I am evoking my emotional vigor to fight back and win,

My silence does not mean that I have given up but it indicates that I have redirected all

My mental strength and tolerance in synergizing scattered pieces of mine and in making an ‘Empowered me’ who rather fitting herself in

the frame of other’s expectations believes to live as per her own definition,

To experience eternal peace and happiness with dignity and grace


Sometimes silence , silently metamorphoses itself for something better……