I wandered aimlessly in the dreary desert sands

Not knowing what I sought, for what my heart did pine

Yet I went against the only friend

Whose presence followed from me the depths of the dark ravine.


I longed for noise, for people, for chortles and chuckles

Yet I ignored the friend who was right behind

Behind me even when I fraternised with its enemy

It lurked within me, possessing my heart, body, soul and mind.


When all of them walked away, I realised its presence

I turned around to look for it, but by then it was scared away

For none recognise the value of that quiet friend: Silence

Until it leaves us in the chaos and all one can do is quietly wander astray.


A/N: Being content with what one has is a sure route to happiness, or so I think. I mean, one feels that they know all about what they have and are grateful for it, yet one does not realise that even emptiness is not something that everyone possesses. Even emptiness is there, and some people long for it (whether it be in their schedules or the weighing machine 🙂). 

P.S: I’m utterly grateful to all the people who asked me if I was fine because I’d went kind of offline from os.me for the past couple of weeks. I’m completely okay, I’ve just been sort of busy the last few days, and so don’t worry about me. Although I don’t mind being pampered so ask away all you like…just kidding. Once again, thank you so so much for reading my posts and giving me your precious time and support. It means so much that it can’t be put into words.


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