I look in the mirror and see myself,
With eyes opened, I see
Yet with eyes closed, I still am.

This body I am not,
All that I am cannot be touched.
Thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams
I am an invisible reality.

Are you the invisible looking at the visible too?
Perhaps all that You are cannot be touched either.

You are all that is not
Yet You are all that is, too.
Perhaps, just perhaps, You and I are intertwined, as one
But where art thou? 

You speak silence.
I know silence, I hear silence
I listen, yet I don’t understand
Oh can you whisper perhaps?

For, silence, I fail to grasp.
Speak louder! Louder. Louder!
So I may hear you.
What happens when the silent speaks in silence?

Only You know
You listen and speak at once
Silence is Your language
But silence, I speak not.


How do you write more on silence? I am not sure, yet this poem isn’t long enough. Have you ever tried to understand silence? I feel this is an unnecessary question, for if silence is ever understood, it becomes noise. And on that note, I shall silently end this poem on silence, in silence. Hope you enjoyed it!

PC: Giphy