The song of life
With the ups and downs
The highs and lows
The silence in between,
Oh isn't music in the silence?
For if there is no silence, there is only noise.
And if there is no change, there is no music.

Then life, why didn't you tell me about you?
Now, I know...
You are the most beautiful song.

For if music lies in the silence between notes and
if music lies in the music too,

Then oh life, your whole existence is music
Did music learn from you?
Or, did you steal your charm from music?
Tell me! Oh, life!

In your song,
The tune is ours,
Sad or happy, we decide
Yet, you flow with us
Oh life, why are you so kind?

You are a sweet song, yet, little did we know,
For you can only be heard in hindsight.

Oh life!
Whisper in our ears, that,
Any low, is only a wait for a new high
As you eagerly wait for us to dance
To your tunes,
With you, for you.

Oh life, why didn't you tell us
About the sweet song that you are!

From my limited understanding, I’ll let you discover that maybe music lies in the silence between the notss, and the notes too, with Yiruma – River flows in you.

P.S: Poem inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, of course:)


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