Silence Is The Key To Go Inwards

I love speaking to people but wish to reduce it to the absolute minimum. The more one is silent they go inwards and that is a beautiful thing. It is beautiful in so many ways as one will not need to listen to other people garbage and nonsense, nor do we have to put up with someone we dislike. Dislike is a strong word, and it is always better to try and cultivate a habit, of always being compassionate and kind to others, regardless how they may be with you.

However, this can be achieved by being non-judgmental. We can just tell our self-that is the way they are and just move on with our beautiful life. By always chanting the holy name of the divine hopefully we remain compassionate. 

This also gives one the opportunity to stay far away worldly affairs and just to focus on their work. My father always tells me that work is Goddess Sarasvati and that when we are working, we must give it our 100% best. He would also say we should not be afraid to work hard. He is so right here, and I am so proud that he is my father and I love him dearly.

That is all that I have got to say. Let us all pray for world peace as the world needs it the most now.