We have always talked about the evolving world with a connotation ‘moving forward’ ‘being futuristic’ ‘for the better tomorrow’ etc., and it’s quite natural, makes perfect sense. In this mad rush to grow faster, richer, and run towards greener pastures we forgot about our responsibility to give back to nature and to the community. Never mind, there is always a next time – is a common thought that dissuades people to help other beings, do the right thing, and act unselfishly.

About four months into the COVID-19 situation that swiftly took over our lives has a great deal to teach all of us. It’s about the power of ‘Silence’, which was almost missing from our lives until now. This initially forced ‘Silence’ soon became a new normal. No one could imagine the expanse of the coronavirus outbreak and the impact it would have on the globe for years to come. It occurred to me that mother nature like an awakened being never indulges in arguments, it just acts in silence – quietly doing its work in the background.

The lockdown or I would say the slowing down of the world gave us an opportunity to see how mother nature works, how it heals itself, and how does it act – compassionately. The hustle & bustle of our lives did not allow us to observe such a phenomenon in the living memory of humankind, at least past through a couple of centuries. The roads were almost empty for weeks, no roaring sounds of motorcycles or trucks, clear sky 24X7, fresh air to breathe (you would know what I mean if you are a Delhiite), ample time to spend with kids and family members and much more.

The ‘Silence‘ we experienced during the lockdown also gave us a chance to reflect on our lives, set priorities, and identify its purpose. Apart from beautiful weather patterns and serene landscapes that appeared out of nowhere one fine morning, this ‘Silence‘ had another side to it. It made us listen to the cries of thousands and lakhs of poor people who had been the key pillars of the support system in cities and towns. The ‘Silence‘ led us to know about their lives and hardships and extend a helping hand in whatever way possible.

This ‘Silence’ has eventually made us more conscious about the immediate environment and encouraged us to start talking to mother nature – to respect all living beings, to embrace empathy, and most importantly learn to live with minimal resources.

Like a person in a meditative posture drawing beautiful energy from the silence and stillness, it’s time for us to be more mindful and responsible. I hope we could never forget this lesson because we reap what we sow.


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