I’ll be the voice of little girls from the past present and future. The little girls still hiding in fear from childhood trauma,  the young adult it affects still in there every day life.

Let me be the voice of inspiration there can be a brighter day no matter your circumstance,  where you came from, your background,  nothing about your past defines who you are and who you were placed on this earth to become.

It doesn’t matter that your childhood was infested with molestation, rape, abuse,neglect,abandonment, heartbreak, pain and being used.

It doesnt matter that all those issues cause self sabotaging patterns you couldnt seem to break or even understand.

Why doesnt it matter because that is the person they created you to be, not the person you was meant to be. And I can be your voice and I can help you start to heal but it wont be easy. And if you think the past hurt you wait till your bringing it back into the light.

But from this hurt and pain you can learn how to let it go how to see it from a new prospective how to heal and then how to move on and become the beautiful soul you was intended to be.

Learning how to overcome all of it from someone exactly like you, a real person who gets it ,has been there and understands you better then anyone else can. Not because I learned it in a book or want to analyze or judge you but because my childhood was my teacher my lessons and tests but my triumph is my degree.

Know that you are valuable, worthy,deserving and most of all you are not alone.

The things done to you was wrong and turned a blind eye to, but not anymore.

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