I am always on the move, running to the market, work, attending to the dogs and Lord knows what again. One of my passions (somewhat a lazy one) is to have a garden full of flowers, vegetables and local fruits. 

The first lockdown was expected, at least for me. The international news pouring in was scary. My instincts told me not to be afraid, but to make grocery shopping a priority.  It was the first time under the guidance of my internal voice that I took my savings to do grocery shopping. Usually, I plan my purchases carefully; jotting my needs and wants way ahead. If I have to buy something, I would make a wishlist. Allocate funds over time and if it still appeals to me after some months, I would purchase it. My mantra is to pay cash for small purchases. Those who have read my previous posts know how my father took credits from small shops and would never repay back. I solemnly do not desire to resemble my father in any way. I prefer to save up the cash rather than take it on credit. If I don’t have the cash, I won’t buy. Well, the world isn’t going to end if I don’t wear that nice shirt.

So, I wanted my dream garden. I bought fertilizers, polybags and God knows kya kya. My dream garden started to take shape slowly. Veggies would grow, flowers would blossom, and fruits would appear. Somehow this was all beginners luck. Then my archenemies march into the paradise garden. They started chewing at everything. My cauliflowers were gone, my beautiful sublime marigolds disappeared, and my beautiful hibiscus flowers looked so ugly. Silly, nasty little snails.

I wanted my garden to be on the organic side. I strictly avoided chemicals. I bought neem oil, tried the dishwasher technique, got up early and picked the snails with tongs. Finally, I relented and bought anti-snail powder. Initially, it wouldn’t work, but gradually snails became fewer. The issue was, it rains often. After every outpour, the snail powder gets washed off and I have to painstakingly circle each plant with a new layer of the powder. Not only that, the soil started losing its potency. Plants would die in the soil. Snails snails snails! I started having nightmares because of them. I would get nervous at the sight of snails.

The good news is when summer comes, the soil dries out and becomes powdery. I have noticed that snails avoid dry soil. Instead of using a hose to water the garden, I would fill up a bucket and water each plant.

I need a mantra to get rid of snails. There is no way out. They are the nemesis of my dream garden. Help Help Help! The Snail God is plotting against me.

You would laugh at me, but when I pass the refrigerated section at the supermarket where they stock French snails delicacies, I have second thoughts about making a fortune selling these silly creatures.

Did you know snails are a prized beauty catch? Snail mucin is a miracle product. Please take them away. Even if they gave me free botox, I can’t stand their presence. Silly little creatures!

🐌Jai Shri Hari🐌