Are you not able to concentrate properly while meditating or doing Sadhana? If you really wish, to progress on spiritual path do some simple changes to experience the big change.

For making a prayer room or meditation room, Ishan Kon is the best corner of the house. It is the place where North and East direction meets. The prayer room can be made in the North or East side of the house. South-East, South, South-West and North-West directions should be avoided making a prayer room. Never make a prayer room in Brahmsthana, the middle of the house.

Always do the prayers while facing towards East. In prayer room if there are Idols then they should be placed such that they face towards West. While meditating, sit while facing towards North. Never worship while facing towards South unless it is a special prayer which is done facing towards South. If anybody is meditating or doing prayers with his/her face towards South then change the direction immediately.
Prayer room should be neat, clean and pure.
Avoid placing any inauspicious object in it.
There should not be any brooms, dustbins and shoe racks in the close vicinity of prayer room.
Near prayer room there should not be any toilet. Avoid making toilets on the upper and lower storey of prayer room, if possible.
In bedroom, there should not be any prayer room. If one has to do such due to lack of space then one must draw curtains in between the two.
Avoid making a prayer room in kitchen.
In prayer room, the unused things like tin, iron, clothes etc. should not be placed.
The slope of floor should be in North-East direction which means South- West side should be slightly raised.
In prayer room use light colors like white and light yellow for wall paints.
It is good if there are windows in North and East walls of the room.
In prayer room, do not hide valuable things.
For victory, court cases can be placed in the prayer room.
Keep the utensils like pitcher or jug filled with water in the North-East direction.
Hawan can be done in the South-East corner of the house.
The idols should not face each other rather they should face us.
Broken idols and pictures should not be kept in the house. They can be immersed in the flowing water of river or drain.
In prayer room avoid the placing of idols and pictures expressing agitated mood. Always place peaceful, calm and devotional mood idols and pictures.
In prayer room never place the pictures of birds, war and vastu purasha in the house.
Worshiping of gold idol blessed the persons with devotion and liberation. Silver idols give fame.
Brass and copper idols if worshiped increased the pleasure from offspring. Stone idols give money and property pleasure. For longevity, one must worship idols made of wood.
Avoid placing of pictures of those who are no more in prayer room.
Plant a tulsi plant in the North-East corner of the house.

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