It is said that sin is first commited in the mind and then it is manifested in the physical or emotional form either by omission or commission, by overt or covert act.

Sometimes it’s also possible that after the sinful thought emerges in the mind, there is change of heart and the person decides not to commit that sin. He just backs out from the sinful plan. May be good sense prevails over him or he is guided by his soul not to commit that sin.

Now the question is,

Should that person be also praised for not committing the sin?


 Does he still deserve to be condemned for perceiving the idea of committing the sin?

What is the karma of the sins not commited?

Well, I found a befitting couplet written by Mirza Ghalib who says:

ना-कर्दा गुनाहों की भी हसरत की मिले दाद,
या रब अगर इन कर्दा गुनाहों की सज़ा है।

(If we are to be punished for the sins we have committed; we should also be praised for our yearning for the sins we have not committed)

I think we all deserve to be praised somehow !!!!!!!!!