Have you ever thought…….

Why ask..how are you? 
Why not..how happy are you?

Why ask..why are you here?
Why not..are you happy here?

Why ask..what’s your problem?
Why not..how to make you happy?

Why ask..why are you sad?
Why not..what can make you happy?

Why ask..where you want to go?
Why not..will you be happy there?

Why ask..which is that song?
Why not..is that your happy song?

Why ask..what are u staring at?
Why not..this view makes you happy?

Why ask.. who are your friends?
Why not..are you happy with them?

Why ask… want to stay?
Why not… happy staying?

Why ask.. why leaving?
Why not.. happy leaving?

Once in a while sit by self and ask your self
Are you happy
If yes 
‘Great’ for self
If no
‘Create’ for self
But be sure your happiness should never be someone’s sadness
That’s how you ‘stay happy’

Keeping yourself happy you’ll know how to make others happy..
Making others happy you’ll know
What makes you happy..