Ever wondered how it must be to indulge in a life of arts and music?

For many years I have been studying music. Like every other discipline it requires a lot of hard work to be able to produce at least some decent type of music. I have been thinking over and over again on how to better myself for my music practice. 

And I stumbled upon one video of Swami Ji in which he beautifully explains the importance of perseverance and building a skill over a long period of time. He advocates that there are no shortcuts and the effort has to be made to be successful. It takes years of crafting and chiseling to achieve a certain level of competency in this area. It requires oneself to be emotionally sensitive and empathetic so that we are receptive to human emotions. 

So to be truthful I haven’t reached an adequate level where I am personally satisfied with my own practice. It requires many hours of sitting down mindfully and doing your Riyaz. God bless I will be successful when the time is ripe. 

🙏🏼Hari Om🙏🏼