Jai Sri Hari Everyone

When we live in the material world and want to walk the path of spirituality, we face a lot of challenges. 

The route to inner peace, gratitude, wealth, happiness and comforts goes through miseries, sufferings and hardships of life. Those who fear these, will find this walk quite tough.

However, in these tough times, when most people suffer from mental health issues, stress and anxiety, it’s safe to say that os.me has worked as dopamine for many of us.

A diverse range of authors have come forward to share their expertise, vulnerabilities and life stories to help each other understand the life and also how to overcome the hurdles.

In last one month we saw so many good updates and changes on os.me and I feel extremely grateful to be one of the Samurai of the Samurai Council.

I chose the expertise –Slice of Life. Why? Because I feel I have had many of them. 🙂

Watching life from close quarters, I realized this is one idea I feel closest to. I have seen it all and my counselling profession makes it more interesting as I get to meet so many people who brings equal number of challenges and issues.

I always tell them “ Stay strong, things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever”. And many people on this platform too shared their slices of life which resonates with what I believe in.

Today, I have a round-up of blogs that will help us see life and its problems with a different prism. Also few of them are so relatable which made me contemplate on my thought process too. 

It’s never too late for a change   Elena is one author you must follow to know how we all are capable to take control  of our lives. In her own words ” You can. At any moment. At any age. Under any circumstance. Change your life. And it does not need to make sense to anyone else but you.”

Teju, Wally and Dabbu-the Three Musketeers!  In this blog Shiva D tells us about three cute dogs of Ashram and how blessed they are to be in the close vicinity of our beloved Guru Om Swamiji. By the way do not miss her other posts too which gives us an insight of what an amazing sense of Humor Shiva has got.

Posting One Article a Day for 30 Days: Diaries In this post,Prahalad talks about his self imposed publishing challenge and gives us an idea that when there is a will there is a way. He is one phenomenal author , did i tell you this ?

10 Lessons I Learnt in 10 Years  In a unique method of reflection, Komal Om shares her ten lessons learnt in the last decade. This post made many people contemplate on the same. 

Musings on the road-side beggar Aren’t we all beggars in real life? In this blog Satish R shares his internal churning when he see beggars on road and beautifully talks about our internal beggars and practice of gratitude.

There are many more posts on Slice of Life. Do search and take the maximum out of them. 

As this is my first monthly roundup, please excuse my mistakes. I too am learning. 

If you wish to read more rounds up on Slice of Life, please follow me on os.me. 

Keep writing. Keep spreading love.

Stay inspired, motivated, and I urge you to live your best life

Never forget – Stay happy. Be Grateful. 

Image by Jackie Samuels from Pixabay