Being in my teenage years and even in early twenties, the utmost thing that makes anyone attractive is the attention one gets. Being young, we go after people, make contacts and certainly feel good with attention and care we get. 

When time passes by, we realize how time that got wasted amongst people who weren’t even worth a fraction of that time. Sometimes we realize it later and sometimes it becomes lucid pretty early. Erstwhile, I despise feeling that people around you and in your circle are of matter. It is up to you and your priorities. But it actually counts. What counts is what you think. If wrong people are in your mind at any stance, they are taking the opportunity of being productive away from you. 

Feelings some FOMO, I always used to find a bunch of people to get socially engaged. I always felt the insecurity of getting lonely. Albeit, knowing that a handful people who are trustworthy are more than enough. Keeping your mind the people who are more socially  engaged than me used to make me feel disparaged and that used to take up a major portion of space in my head.

But I am a quick learner 😁. It penetrated my mind to stick and believe the wisdoms given by saints and successful people. With time, I realize choosing people wisely is the most gutsy task. Negating the ones amongst who we feel good for only a short span make us mentally handicapped later. And now being not super engaged with big circles of people and texting and talking, people say I do live a boring life. And here my rejoinder comes

The more boring you are in real life, the less people are interested in you😅. So I say I have an extraordinarily boring life which is actually incredibly exciting 😉.

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