“Garam hawa ka pehla jhoka 

Badal raha hai mausam sara 

Chubti jalti garmi chubti jalti  garmi ka mausam aya 

Chubti jalti ghamoriyan laya”

(First few gust of hot air is changing the whole weather. Here comes the season of piercing hot summer and brought along with it piercing hot heat rash)

This is a famous jingle from Indian advertisement and it perfectly sums up Indian summer in its few line. It’s March only and the temperature is rising really high and parallel to it the heat in my head is rising. I think this is gonna be the hottest year so far. Anyways in this post I will share some practical tips to cool down both your body and mind so keep on reading.

               Remember summer vacation on those school days. Running home keeping the books and bag aside for a month or two and playing,eating whole day(Good old days).When mother used to prepare various of delicacies from summer fruits and vegetables.Then rushing at the evening to play with friends various kinds of games(Things were so different before 6 years).And of course the naryal pani(coconut water),kulfi(popsicles) and Sunday visit to nearby beach and making sand castles. How can Indian summer be complete without mango and nimbu sikanzi(lemonade).The golden rays of sun wrapping us all and the shade of a tree. There’s a thousand reason to love summer but only one reason to hate “chubti jalti garmi”(piercing hot temperature).

                 Although nothing is gonna take away the heat completely but here are some natural tips and tricks to keep your body and mind cool for the summer.


1. Reduce spices and condiments that increase heat: Paprika, siracha, hot sauce,garam masala. I know we all love the taste of these ingredients which takes the taste of dish to next level,but the heat from these ingredients surely do increase the body temperature so instead you can try some cooling spices like fennel,cumin, fenugreek,ginger and for your salad dressing maybe you can make your own salad dressing at home their are a tons of recipe in internet.And also try to eat more plant based food as it’s natural cooling for the body.

2.Exercise in morning or late evening to avoid excess body heat during afternoon.Same applies for bath as water is naturally cooler during those times.

3.Apply aloe: If you get frequent heat rash during summer you can plant an aloe tree in your garden(very easy to grow and requires no special care) and in Sunday you can extract the juice out of those and put them in ice chamber. And after returning from sun you can rub aloe cubes it soothes skin like none else.

4.Drink more water: Now you know this but ice cold water is not so good for your health so if you like drinking cool water you can keep an earthen clay pot or even clay bottle to keep you cool.

5.Add more juicy vegetables and fruits: Watermelon,mango, cucumber, summer squash,melon,tender coconut, pineapple and the list goes on. Summers have some of the best fruits and vegetables of the year so enjoy them.(But before that don’t forget to express your gratitude)

6.If possible try to remain inside your house during 11am to 3 pm.And if going out don’t forget cover your body properly as uv rays can be harmful as ozone layer is depleting due to climate change.

7.Vegan ice cream and other cooling recipe:Dairy products are not as healthy as they used to be before and have some nonsense ingredients added to it and not to mention the violence on animals.So if you’re looking for some healthy alternate to that here you go links to some amazing summer plant based recipe:Popsicles,Kulfi .

And a whole bunch of other recipes you can find at pick up limes web page and search their summer recipe.

8.Indoor plants: Plants are good both for you and mother nature.So next time you go out shopping include some plants in your list or you can buy online from Ugaoo(If in India).Sinseveria,money plant,aloe, peace lily are all wonderful cooling plants.


1.Add more Zen meditation:Zazaen,Wall gazing,deep breathing,Chado(instead of tea you can include some cool water or juice) all these are vividly explained in Swamiji’s book ‘Mind full to mindful’.

2.Be connected with nature:I know it’s quite difficult to find a natural spot now but a tree or a park is also good enough.

3.Listen to soothing music 

This is all tips and tricks I apply to stay cool in summer. Please share what you do to stay cool.

Thank you for reading.

Keep smiling

Happy Sunday

Jay Radhe Shyam

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