It was a beautiful day.. The weather is now giving a clue of change..Soft ,breeze was just so soothing and pleasing..
I happen to write this today,because of two people:reverent Swamiji and my dearest friend,Bubsy(I call her by this name) .
I was having a sumptuous colourful salad as my breakfast with a dear sweet friend of mine in the car parking of my hospital.
Few minutes later,bubsy texted me to get some stuff.I immediately went for it . In the grocery store, there was a good humble gentleman who was showing me the stuff. He was a dutiful employee of the store.I really loved his patience while showing me the stationery…
Thanks to Swamiji and The Black Lotus ,I always look for moments where I can spread a smile.
So ,on the billing counter,while paying the bill,I came forward and praised about that petit ,grounded man to the owner of the shop. I could sense that surprise amusement. In the meanwhile,he wasn’t nearby .
Thereafter,despite me saying no he insisted , took the packets and came to the car to keep them.
I promptly requested him to wait,and gave a tip to him.
That smile ,I don’t know,may be was for a while for him but for me ,it’s been 12hours now,it’s still there.
I’m deeply grateful for Swamiji for not only teaching me kindness but also promptness and listening to your heart while doing good!!!
Had not my bubsy given me this opportunity,I wouldn’t have felt this elixir of contentment and happiness!!!!

Wishing you all smiles and happiness!!
Jai Shri Hari