My infinite salutations at your divine lotus feet Swamiji 🌺💐

My late 70’s(This post was written a couple of years back…)

When I take my little son for play in the evenings, I see so many elders aged between 65 to 75 sitting
 on benches and enjoying the evening breeze….feels as though they wait eagerly for this moment
 every day..
 But one thing i noticed, grandpas and grandma don’t sit together…
 there will be grandpas gang and a separate grandmas gang….gender bifurcation at this age too🤔

As my son ran to play with other kids, i settled in one usual my jobless mind started to think, 
 whether i will be able to meet my friends in my late 70’s?? was the doubt..
 And of course i am still not ‘late’ by then 😇😇

Fast forwarding my days… 

One morning when i am 76…
 My resolution of getting up early and doing some yoga is still on…

 So let’s be optimistic and say i am in some good health
 Been meeting old age friends from the apartment every evening and having some happy times..

This morning memories of friends from school, college and working days are coming to mind…
 [Hope this is not indication of something like last day at work…but just a normal day!! ] But felt thankful for social websites for helping us to keep in touch with friends from different walks of life…
 otherwise this much social life would be next to impossible…

i thought, been a long time i haven’t opened the facebook, forgotten the faces of many…
 Then realised after my 50’s i had stopped uploading my photos…as any amount of makeup failed to hide my wrinkles😔

 And even I uploaded any photo, people total ignore my existence in the image and only praised the backdrop, as they didn’t want to hurt my feelings 🤔

 After couple of experiments, i thought time to stop sharing my photos and started sharing my kid’s graduation photos

Cut to present (of my future)
I told my son, I want a new mobile,
 Son: Why mom what happened to your mobile that I bought you recently?
 Me: I am trying to take selfie, but the photos are not clear, looks very blur
 Son: Mom it is not because of the mobile, it is because ur hands are shaking while taking selfie!!,but why u want to take a selfie now?

 Ignoring husband’s smile behind the newspaper i continued…
 Me: Oh! i want to upload it on a social n/w 
 Son: Mom there are no such social networks now, things are different…
 Me: ok then let me invite couple of my friends home…and we can have some snacks also and chitchat for a while..
 Son: Mom, not everyone will be able to come because of their situations…about snacks with BP and Sugar you many not have much options
 [Felt like spanking him, but had to agree  didn’t expect him to be so frank!! ]

Me: How about a video conference?
 Son: Don’t worry mom, there is something called zeeDimension conferencing, ur zeeD image will be projected wherever u want and u can control it by sitting here…zeeD image of ur friends
 will also be projected similarly, u will feel as if u r interacting directly with them!!! And even you can touch and feel them!!

Felt like scenes from Sci Fi movies, imagining all old ladies’s virtual bodies !!
 Me: Will it be something like out of body experience?
 Son: MOMM!!

Me: Will this zeeD be exact replica of me or can i make some modifications, like wrinkle free skin, natural looking denture etc?
 Son: Mom! u want to meet ur friends or want to keep a fashion show?
 [Another imaginary spanking, no doubt men are from Mars!! ]

This time i could even hear my husband giggling from behind the newspaper!! 

Me: OK OK, arrange for one, i will give u list of my friends, 
 now come and have breakfast..
 Son: Mom, I don’t stay with u guys, this is zeeD conference which i am having with u right now!

 I am all confused, whether i am only speaking or my zeeD, 
 and getting doubt 
 in spite of my naggings my husband keeps a smiling face all the time…is it him or his zeeD? 🤔🤔

Me: What a son u r, at this old age u r keeping us away but not with ur family..
 Son: Mom, it was you who wanted to stay separate, not me..
 [Yeah make sense, else u would be getting so many imaginary spankings!!]

But overall not a bad picture, my son answers to my annoying questions without getting angry,
 husband still thinks, it is safe to smile/laugh behind the newspaper, and i am getting to meet
 my friends using the latest technology …what else u can ask for in life?

 Back to park, to the present…
 Heard my son’s sweet little voice…
 he is running to me, with soiled cloths and a happy face…
 As usual smiling at all the familiar faces we walked towards home, not zeeD but real me and my son!!