When life laughs at you, you should have the courtesy to at least smile at it😌. These posts were written long time back when life was having stomach pain laughing at me and still was not stopping πŸ˜›…only because of Swamiji’s grace, life and me are coming to terms and are smiling at each other now😊. My infinite salutations at your divine lotus feet Swamiji πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸŒΉ

One of the most annoying question i have come across in my life is, people asking the children ‘Beta bade hoke kya bonoge?'(what will u become when you become big i mean grow up!) or similar questions/predictions…

My son is still on diapers and people have already started predicting/asking what he will become when he grows up…

Just imagine u bring a nice fundu toy for ur child, the salesperson would have given 10min demo on that, and u had appreciated all the sensories in the toy and wanting ur child also to enjoy those techincal aspects of the toy and within no minute the child opens all parts of it, to know what’s there inside!!

And all you can utter is , oh! he is going to become a mechanical engineer!???

If the child plays with pets, is he going to become a veternary doctor? by the way how will they predict homeopathy doctor, is another question i have…

And i really pray to god such predictions doesn’t come true…My son is so fascinated by cleaning aunty’s(that’s how he calls our house help) work and he can’t take his eyes off the broom stick or the moping stick while she is cleaning…I really don’t know what runs in his mind at that time and i seriously don’t want any predictions on this πŸ˜‰

I have also faced this question, when i was still trying to understand why on earth am i studying…

But i used to tell them i want to become a doctor…you see, i had seen only couple of occupations, like postman, teacher, doctor and some government employees..of all, doctor seemed a better job(then)… And most of the bungalows in the town belonged to some or the other doctor!!

Since I looked bit studious, people really thought i was serious about become a doctor…By repeatedly telling people, i also assumed i will become a doctor one day! :P, at that time i didn’t know the proverb ‘fake it till u make it’, so it didn’t work for me..

After dissecting cockroach and a frog in biology practicals, and asking for extra nail to fix the intestine which was accidentally cut into two, decided never want to study biology ever again in life…Β  but i still continued to say the same answer till i got my pre-university results…And after PU results people stopped asking this question πŸ˜‰

Got into engineering, and only driving factor to study was, to clear all the papers and never to become a Super senior( who keeps appearing only during exam to write the backs papers)..this drive was so very strong that i really started to score more than what i had imagined ☺️

After joining the job, coding for years and attending RCA meetings countless time!!(Root cause analysis for all the crashes),and wondering all the while if I did engineering course or crash course!!, i have thanked God n number of time for not making me a doctor!!

Imagine, with so many reviews, bug fixings, repeated unit test, system test and 100 other quality checks s/w still crashes and what would have happened to patients coming to me!!…can’t even do the root cause analysis(postmortem?) if they crash 😲

So, don’t you all agree that God has really saved so many lives through(?) me…Β