Once Naradji is roaming on earth, snakes meet with them and said “, We are living a miserable life. Humans feel like we are his enemy so he kills us as soon as they caught a glimpse of us”,.

Naradji goes to Sheshanag and tells the condition of snakes on earth.

Sheshanag raises the issue among Lord Vishnu . On hearing this Lord gave a Manni I.e. Snake Stone to him and ask him that in this stone there is tiny hole in which Amrit is filled. Since snakes are having very slim tongue they can easily suck that Amrit and they will not feel any hunger, thirst etc. Also as Naradji distribute this Stone to Snakes, it will multiply in quantity. Now to find that Amrit through hole is only Purusharth (efforts) for them. IF they drink that amrit , it will be the end of all miseries of snakes.

Hearing this all snakes become very happy. Now the problem is that in daylight they can’t use that Stone as if human saw that they will hunt them and snatched that stone form them. So in Night they take out that stone and to quench their thirst start moving their tongue to lick that amrit. 

Now due to light of stone several patangas i.e. insects attract towards it and snake got busy in eating those insects. With time they thought that this stone is meant for eating insects only and Never Find that Amrit! 

Deeper Aspect of Story 

Like the snake stone this human body of ours is meant for attainment of that Amrit or infinite bliss or what ever we can say but we are busy (me also included) in vishay sevan i.e. in various pleasures and forget the actual meaning of purpose for which it is meant.

Seeker has to understand what are the obstacles he is facing in path of his goal and should fumble In all situations which he is currently facing whether they are taking him to his goal or not. Always keep your goal in front and you will automatically know whether the decision made is taking you in correct direction  or not. lakshay par drishti rakhne se sadhak apne sadhan ki aasakti ko chodne mein samarth ho jaayega.

P.S. :- धरी न काहूँ धीर सब के मन मनसिज हरे।
जे राखे रघुबीर ते उबरे तेहि काल महुँ॥


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