Last few days have been quite hectic and tiring, especially for my teddy bear(that is nick name of my wife) and mother. Preparations have been going at home for Baby Naming Ceremony.

Until now, we used to have 2 or 3 guests. But now, condition is as if house has been flooded with tsunami of guests. With so many guests, wife has been working tirelessly, managing baby and kitchen. We have maid for preparing chapatis. But she was out of town for 2 days and that too on weekend.

On weekend, house was flooded with guests and I too go to my hometown on 2 wheeler. I spent time with my kid. We two enjoyed great time, I never felt tired with him. It actually felt satisfactory when kid would fall asleep to my out of tune and no suur and taal lullabies.

I was never tired when spending night with my kid. It were guests and their children that exhausted me. And their terrible fights in house. Oh dear! Even my little Winnie the pooh was crying out of irritation and sounds and noises. Baby(Winnie the Pooh) likes extreme silence when sleeping. Seeing his habits, I feel he is introvert like me. Lover of silence and being alone.

Due to high number of guests, I was craving for being alone. For first time in my life, I wanted to run to my working town. This guests have exhausted me so much, that I ran to my working town to get some sleep at 6 am by lying to all of them, that I have to report to bank early at 9.30 am.

When I returned to my working town, I felt so peaceful and I slept for 2 hours in the morning without a single dream. That sleep was so rejuvenating that my creative juices began to flow in my mind and I ended up writing this post.

Definition of social exhaustion on internet is: It is essentially something people with introvert personality traits are having to deal with. When introverts spend too much time around other people, they end up feeling crushed and drained of energy.

I don’t know any self help techniques to overcome social exhaustion. What i know is from my personal experience.

1)First, get away from society for sometime. Any person or social media interaction should be avoided at any cost.

2) spend some time driving your bike in Ghats by being alone without any music or songs like i did.

3)Take a good nap by being single in your room. This too worked for me.

I tried all of the above three points and it did miracles to me. It has recharged me and i will be able to complete Baby naming ceremony with happiness.(This is most important event in parent’s life and now i would enjoy it without getting socially exhausted.)

Social exhaustion is real. It kind of gets in your nerves. Meera Di has thrown light on side effects of having large number of guests. Sorry Meera Di, I couldn’t understand you completely at that time. But I understand now what happens when your house becomes चिड़िया घर without any bathroom cleanliness.

You can read Meera Om post here.

And oh by the way, Baby naming ceremony is on 14 April.

He is going to be named as…..? Any guesses?

Here is the clue: “Ansh of Lord Vishnu.”

You can use Google Baba.

Jai Shri Swami.