My social media presence is limited to only WhatsApp, Telegram and Youtube. I am on WhatsApp because of my studies as all of the online classroom links of my class come on it. I have downloaded Telegram just a few days back so as to join a big study related group which had more than 6,000 participants. I can honestly say that i spend 1-2 hours daily watching Om Swami Ji’s videos on Youtube. Apart from these apps, i don’t have any social media app.

What i have noticed is that these big social media companies have designed their social media platforms in such a way that a user is compelled to spend a great bulk of their day’s time on their app. These social media platforms have such efficient algorithms that they know everything about us and show us that particular content which will force us to spend more time on their apps and the time that we spend on these social media platforms helps in  making money for these apps with advertising.

The people on social media portray their fake lives and flaunt such lavish lifestyles, that average people like us feels insecure and underprivileged. Even our so called friends and family members behave differently on social media as compared to their real lives.

It is justified to use social media for people doing online business on it. But that should also be limited to just posting about your services or products that you sell instead of pretending about your fake lives which have no connection with reality.



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