If you have mild OCD or simply dislike crowds, you may agree that the social distancing measures were initially perceived as a blessing in disguise. So, you can imagine my delight when it became socially acceptable to avoid people, I mean … to stay safe and keep your distance in public. 🙂

To make things even more beautiful, spring is here in full glory and the appearance of the warm sunshine is synonym to happiness in England. And thankfully so, as the closure of gyms made way for therapeutic evening walks.

Occasionally, I noticed passerby’s, ladies and gents, looking across the road, smiling. A rare occurrence until COVID-19 happened because earlier everyone was simply busy ‘getting somewhere’.  As I kept walking, this gesture of kindness became a common occurrence as more and more people made way on the pavement, with some of us stepping aside onto the deserted road.

It felt like a dance in the rain, a rain of smiles. Everyone was soaked in the constant exchange of loving smiles, filled with gratitude, kindness and compassion. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my habit of making way for people would be welcomed, let alone mirrored.

You see, it then dawned upon me, that the most genuine smiles come from a place of compassion, understanding and respect. The new social distancing measures have brought us apart physically, but it has done wonders in bringing our hearts together. Being locked indoors and cut off from civilisation, has emphasized the value and beauty of a human touch, a human smile or simply the acknowledgement of being alive.

As a rebel, I hereby change the term social distancing to social understanding. Love has no distance to cover, it is complete and full of understanding in its own right. Let’s keep loving, from where we are, with kind words, genuine smiles and loving glances.

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