Solar Eclipse 2021? How Surya Grahan on 4th December affects various Moon Signs?

Solar Eclipse is a rare celestial event and it is taking place for the second time this year on the 4th of December 2021. This Total Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India and it will be visible only in Antarctica. According to Indian astrology, Sun is the king of all planets and it eclipses when Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth. The Moon casts its shadow on Earth by blocking the Sunlight either partially or completely.

What time will the Solar eclipse take place?

The Solar Eclipse will occur on December 4th at around 7 am UTC with its peak cycle at 7:33 am and ending at 8:06 am UTC.

As per Indian Standard Time, Surya Grahan begins at 12:30 pm IST with its maximum at 1:03 pm, ending at 1:36 pm

How does Surya Grahan Effect Various Moon Signs?

According to Hindu Calendar or Panchanga, Surya Grahan is taking place in Vrischika Rasi or in the sign of Scorpio and in the nakshatra of Anuradha. Hence people born in the nakshatras of Anuradha and Jyeshta should exercise extreme caution. This time, Grahan is resulting due to the conjunction of Sun with south node or Ketu and Moon. Let’s read how the eclipse affects the physical and mental abilities of individuals across the zodiacs. According to Vedic Astrology, a solar eclipse is related to the legend of shadowy planets Rahu Ketu mentioned in Matsya Purana.  

Mesha Rashi Or Aries Moon Sign

Eclipse takes place on the eighth house from your moon sign. Individuals born in Mesha Rashi have to be cautious about their health. This period to onset new physical ailments. Exercise caution while driving  Use vehicles and stay away from crowded areas to stay safe from contagion. Politicians, leaders, and bureaucrats might face controversial circumstances.

Vrishabha Rashi Or Taurus Moon Sign

May hay when the sun shines. A great period to look for new opportunities in your career and leap and if you are a businessman, your balance sheet will shore upwards. Friends and people will support you. Unmarried will find their prospective partner but those already in a relationship might experience some discord in their chemistry. It’s better not to indulge in confrontations with family and loved ones.

Mithuna Rashi Or Gemini Moon Sign

Long pending issues are likely to get resolved and you will be rewarded generously for your efforts at work. You might experience gut or digestive issues. Academic excellence is assured for Gemini sign-born students. Stay away from stress and anxiety. Overall a great period to expect financial gains and happiness.

Karka Rashi Or Cancer Moon Sign

Not a great period to venture into a new business deal or to shift your current job. Luck may not favor you the way you expect. At the workplace, New Technological advancements might keep you involved. Parents need to be extra cautious towards their child’s health. might get recognized for their technical prowess.

Simha Rashi Or Leo Moon Sign

Mother’s health needs extra attention. Huge Financial gains can be expected through business. Students will do well in their academic pursuits. You will get excellent results at the workplace. Long pending legal issues will be resolved in your favor.


Kanya Rashi Or Virgo Moon Sign

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You have been working really hard for over a year without any recognition and reward.”Now” is the time to claim your rewards from investments, shares, and stocks. It’s time to take that next career leap. Lady luck is shining and it’s a period of excellence. Be confident and communicative to avoid misunderstandings in relationships.

Tula Rashi Or Libra Moon Sign

Weigh your words before you speak to avoid conflicts in personal and professional life. Financial constraints will impede your path to success. Please bear in mind that – Patience is the key to success

Vrishchika Rashi Or Scorpio Moon Sign

The solar eclipse is taking place in your Janma Rashi. In the current settings, it is better to defer important life decisions. This eclipse will negatively impact your thought process. Hence, surrendering to divinity and shielding yourself from negative influencers will help you avoid major setbacks in your career and personal life.

Dhanu Rashi Or Sagittarius Moon Sign

This period is not conductive for individuals born in the Sagittarius Moon sign. Your body might be susceptible to ailments. Ample rest and meditation practice will help you increase the immunity to fight diseases. You might experience disturbance in your marital life.

Makara Rashi Or Capricorn Moon Sign

Great time to expect progress in all your current job or business. You will receive help from friends and family. Overall a great period to scale in both personal and professional life. Good health indicated.

Kumbha Rashi Or Aquarius Moon Sign

This transit will make you more confident and courageous. You will contribute towards scaling your family-run business. You might encounter challenges with your team at work but you will resolve the issues confidently.

Meena Rashi Or Pisces Moon Sign

This phase might force you to endure a few difficult situations with finances. You must pay special attention to the health of your father. Avoid confrontations as it will only make the situation worse.

Remedies for Solar Eclipse

Sanatana dharma considers the Grahan period as inauspicious for any auspicious undertakings except for spiritual practices. One of the best remedies to negate the malefic effects, it is advised to offer arghya to Lord Surya on the day of the Solar Eclipse. You can talk to the best astrologers in Bangalore to gain more personalized insights about the solar eclipse effects based on your Vedic Astrology birth chart.

Jai Sri Ram