Some days are too heavy

The mistakes of the past 

Have already taken flight

Made there mark in future 

Like heavy boulders 

They stand in my way 

There’s no exit from here

I must get up and walk 

For stagnation gathers more despair 

With a fragile body 

And tatters of my self 

I look hither thither 

None comes to my rescue

I am designed to live among all 

But at every fall 

I am reminded of the illusion of this world 

How Ironic this life

Karma keeps sticking it’s might in my face

Dharma takes me to an end 

I am not ready to walk 

At the cross roads of life 

I stagnate myself 

Some doors say exit 

Some are closed 

Other state in your face 

coz they were once open 

but now, no more.

Some doors are Blocked.

P.S My sincere apologies that most of my poems are sad and don’t offer Hope or inspiration. I have not been able to break free of the past sufferings and trauma and these random scribbles are an outlet for these blocked up emotions.