I have always perceived osme as a place where I can learn and grow. But this is an understatement for through this place I not only learn and grow but also heal and bloom. Reading people’s experiences, writing about my own and interacting with all the lovely people makes me feel like a sunflower basking under the Sun.

I used to have immense pent-up unexpressed emotions which before osme, I hadn’t released out into the public and I was unaware that what I required was a medium. When I did start communicating about whatever I had to, I started healing almost magically. And now I’m in the blooming phase of my life for grace of the Divine Mother has saved me.

I have used osme to sulk and to sob, to share my sorry story(of my mental health and other struggles) and I have received kind and compassionate comments from fellow members which encouraged me and helped me in darkest of times. When I healed I also shared that with everyone too. I feel if I share negative, the dull, I have a duty to also share the positive, the inspiring.

In a few posts, I shared about my confusion about my career. Many kind people communicated with me and through some self-effort I could gain some clarity for the way ahead. Now, I am less confused about my career. I have that faith in me, that whatever turns out I will make my life meaningful, sooner or later.

Anyway, I have to share a happy news with you all my dear osme members which is that I have finally got my first job! Yes, I cleared the screening process and the interview and got placed into a company in Gurugram. I will be joining next year. 

During the campus placements, I gave my first ever interview and I failed in that. I gave another and went to Delhi for the same but failed in that too. I was still trying to understand what to answer and how to answer in the interview and I used to get nervous. But, by the time I gave my third interview, I had some insights and confidence and I could finally clear the interview. 

Out of some approximately 45 students, I was the only one who got selected in that company. Now, my friends are asking me for tips, and my answers which I gave in the interview. I am getting good wishes from people who know me. One of my friends said he got jealous of me (that I got selected for he hasn’t been placed in a company yet). I can feel his anxiety and empathize with him. When somebody gets jealous of you, understand that it is due to their insecurity and has nothing to do with you. Sometimes even I can be prone to such feelings so, I don’t mind that and do not take it seriously. But the best attitude is to not compare oneself with others like this.

Also, I was told not to tell too many people about my placement for some evil eye may harm my way ahead and something might just get wrong. But, I have Swami, why should I fear. I have Narayan too. And they are vouching for me. And I also wish I could offer sweets to you all for sharing this good news, like it’s always done- we share sweets in times of celebration and happy moments.

A big tension of getting a job just got released from me. While my friends are still looking for a job, I have no such tension. But my profile is of Business Development and I will have to do sales role which is not easy. They squeeze the juices out of you. I didn’t want to go for MBA and never into sales, but circumstances has forced me to forego (or maybe postpone) my dreams and follow this path and I accept that humbly.

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