Jai Sri Hari! This post is an addendum(!) to an earlier one I wrote a few months back, actually last year in September. (Interestingly, I wrote it sitting on a rock beside the Giri Ganga river while  I visited the Ashram to deepen my sadhana!😊) Since then, I have discovered a couple of more audible series/PODCASTS  by Swamiji at the audible platform. These are the latest offerings by Swamiji: 

(A) Attaining Spirituality and Happiness with Om Swami

(B) Attaining Work-Life-Mind Balance with Om Swami

(C) Healthy Living and Parenting with Om Swami

(D) Mindful Yoga and Peace with Om Swami

I am so delighted to discover these Podcasts at the Audible platform!  Thank You, Swamiji!🌹🙏 I am sure all of us will cherish these treasures! 😊🌹🌹

—Addendum ends!—

This is not a blog post! I just wish to share  a couple of information which may be beneficial for the os.me family.

Swamiji is a power house of continuous works. He works silently! Recently,Swamiji has put a series of podcasts at Audible, an excellent platform to listen to books and discourses. Followings are the  latest  ‘peshkarsh’ by Swamiji:

(1) Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta: voice of Krishna 

(2) Gayatri Sadhana: the ultimate power 

(3) Kundalini Sadhana: Anant urja ka srot

(4) A guide to stress-free living 

All the above are based on Swamiji’s discourses at various shivirs and places.But what is amazing is that all of them are excellently presented to the audience. You will surely love the background music! I sincerely thank Swami Vedananda Om and the whole team for these extraordinary treasures, and their efforts.

By the way, there are more ‘peshkarsh’ or ‘audible originals’ by Swamiji:

(a) Roz ke mantra Om Swami ke saath.

-This is amazing! It contains 150 episodes, each episode spanning nearly 5-6 minutes. These are medicines for the soul! I am yet to complete them!

(b) Dhyan Yog

(c) Zen: a way of life 

Long back, Swamiji mentioned about the following two audible originals in His blogs:

(i) Jeevan ek ghorokh dhanda hai

(ii) Din ki Shuruaat Om Swami ke saath

-This has 21 episodes.

Apart from all these, Swamiji’s book ‘The Wellness Sense’ has an audible version in His divine voice. 

I am not sure if all the above are available internationally, but it’s there at ‘audible.in’. The best would be to download the audible app. You just need to write ‘Om Swami’ in the search box, click, and a list will appear! 

I hope above information would be useful to the community!

Select, listen and enjoy!😊🙏