There is no such reality as something for nothing. 

Though lives and life stories of all great men and women convey the same irreversible, moral but bitter to taste truth, a mere sense of entitlement is enough to bypass it all. Even for the most natural, straightforward, and effortless entitlement to become a reality, it has to be first substantiated by an equivalent sensible action from our end in order to receive, relish and cherish it for a lifetime. A most wonderful way to remember this law of nature in action is to recall that nature works only in reciprocity. 

Suggested activity: This weekend, challenge yourself and validate and substantiate your entitlements in health, wealth, and relationships. Take help from your family and friends and ask yourself three questions :

1. What do you observe yourself entitled to?  
2. Does it qualify to be a necessity? 
3. Are you taking consistent actions to make it a reality? 

Analyze, act, and grow out of them! 

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