We all know that we sometimes do mistakes and we want to correct instantly but it doesn’t work every time.  For example we took someone’s book we tend to give the book without they knowing. Here is a story :

Once their lived a boy, so’ he is given 4 rupees for his school fees. And it happens that the class teacher was on leave. So the other teacher says the students to bring the money the next day. In his mind the coins say, “See their are so many jalebis ( A sweet in south India), the teacher is absent, just buy 1 rupee Jalebis”. The boy reply to his mind,” i am a good boy i won’t eat them”. he runs back home and ate his lunch. Then he took the Coins and run Towards the sweet shop and about hand full of Jalebis of 1 rupee. He went to a corner and ate them, He ate a lot of Jalebis that if we push his stomach a bit also the sweet would come out of his ears and nostrils. He distributed the left to street kids, and he went again to shop next 3 days continuously and bought more jalebis ate and leftover one share to kids. on Fifth day, he had stomach ache all night. The next day he prayed to god please give me 4 rupees, I will never ever use money for sweets. Please put 4 rupees secretly under the pillow 1 2 3 4 5 !,  he said to god and slept. In the morning, parents got to know his mistake.

If the god has given him the money then he would have repeated that again. Sometimes when we don’t get things is only good !

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