This illusion has an allure
Such a deceptive aura too!
It tells you what you want to hear
and one thinks whatever they will too!
Won’t let you know it’s true nature
gold gilded cage it is!
Multiple stations come and go
Until one day you see it for what it is!
then comes the unceremonious alighting
The scramble to see where you have landed
Each time it is the same – this platform
feels empty and desolate
(unlike the seemingly happy crowds on the opposite platform)
riddled with confusion, self-doubt and a sadness
this slow coming to know oneself
unlearning what you think you know
realizing that you are still stuck in the muck and the grime
going around and around
seemingly still at square one
in all the most important of ways!
onwards on a different path every time
with hope and vigor anew
leaving behind the unwanted baggage
Finding strength only with Your Grace Divine!

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