Sitting with this uneasy feeling

Of a conversation gone wrong

Of a situation that got away

Of a moment when the ego took hold and how(it steered)!!!

Which caused the chaos that ensued

Chaos in the outer world 

But also a whirlwind in the inner

There was a royal battle where many participated

Ego raised the heat

Hurt put a dampener

Anger called for action

Guilt played the “devil’s advocate”

Amongst all this, I was amazed that this time Your most loving and compassionate words my Lord

made its presence felt

A new participant to the battle within

A clear leader 

So unlike the forcefulness of anger

So unlike the shallowness of breath brought by the others

It brought a deep peace 

that encourages one to go just a little bit deeper

The whirlwind still continues

But the hero, the leader of the pack now provides the anchor 

That slowly but surely will moor this boat

How can I thank Thee O Lord! 

For being my anchor 

I burden You but You are ever compassionate

How must I thank Thee O Lord!

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