Rushing to 1km away bus stop from home each Delhi chiili morning of 3degrees that too without gyser in house or car to transport me aswell a fat stomach ,zero fitness and just 6 hours sleep after a heavy dinner with my Dad who used to reach home late night and as a norm my waiting for him to have dinner together dint make me a kind and jolly kid as a 10 year old.Infact being an only overly pamperred and loved child who never knew things can be different from your choice ,though i always shared my food, choclate, ice-cream or even sketch pens with friends but to Share my parents time with anyone was never acceptable to my ignorant and possessive 10 year old mind.Infact i was so possessive of my Father that each of my mom when he gifted her something, he had to gift me something too or i created a big loud crying ,screaming ruckus for them! I never knew anything like scolding punishment or even parents firmness. At my bus stop in those times when i was a class 4 student there was MANJU ,she was from our colony and in class 9.Fair with beautiful eye lashes,2 swings shaped plats( chotees of hair ) and a cute mole above her lips. Very humble ,studious and courteous girl ,,infact she was our Bus monitor and ensured discipline in bus. She had lost her mother at a tender age of 8 when in class 4 and used to live with her Nani. No one use to come to drop or pick her up from the stop but she used to hang her brown heavy camric bag on her left shoulder and walk back home.Since my mom used to do free lance tour guide job ,she use to manage her work schedule as if to always drop me and pick me at afternoon from bus stop. Soon my mom became a very loving and compassionate Aunty of Manju ,who use to share teacher’s stories of that day ,the bus experiences and even what her household incidents to my Mother. My own mother had lost her mom to cancer while doing Post graduation so maybe immideately connected to Manju and was very loving for her which made me very jealous and angry with Manju.How could only my Mom listen to anyone else s school experiences other than mine? I was very amazed when we got our second child and my 9 year elder daughter really loved him ,and i told her i m so proud of her ,she could share her parents! I was foolish child thinking love is possession and cant be shared Though i could never again meet MANJU as we shifted both house and school and i never found her on face book but today i say…Manju i am Sorry!