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I got a mail from a person that his wife is in extramarital affairs for 7 years and he had two children 13& 18 yrs old , marriage is 18 yrs old . E- Mail was sent to me for the solution . What I suggested is given below astrologically .
Before mentioning my solution , I am seeking your solution in this regard , Pl post your suggestion so that it may work in their life .
My solution :
First of all , why the unwarranted situation has compelled to her to go for relationship to a person who has already married . Secondly why she has not thought the pain of her children ūüßí ūü϶¬† husband and family . Thirdly why she is ready to carry the huge baggage of guilt¬† . Guilt means negative energy , it is a heavy depleted source of energy .
Though She is the incharge of her state of mind and responsible for giving happiness to rest of family    . What has happened to her In this case, she has experienced  , rejection , physical abuse , mistrust , dissolution , disrespect from her husband . When she finds the best happiness in the company of others she freely took the decision to leave her house and decided to leave  husband and children .
Now the question arises that whether her husband would allow her to leave her house , children and family and marry to other persons or he would try to retain her and  to give  positive energy to her to save the relationship , relationship means acceptance , giving and respecting  .
I have suggested to them that
present relationship can be healed if right positive energy can be given by husband and family to her . Already wife is getting negative energy  , she is under stress and strain   , if any negative energy is being given to her by husband or family , she would go away . Therefore this case is to be handled with high intelligence by husband and family members to find the best solution . In the case  husband  was also responsible 50% not giving happiness to wife what he has agreed to it .
This is a challenge has come in home ūüŹ† some body is moving out and she should be brought back , because this relation and this lady matters to a family a lot . For the sake of relation ship , for the sake of family ,for the sake of children right thoughts to be given she should be empathised giving the good and positive thought¬† to¬† her to format her mind in right direction .
Other way round suppose she marries with other persons ,the question¬† arises whether they would be happy if two souls are coming together expecting huge with each¬† other, carrying the baggage of guilt¬† , will they would be happy in new relation ship , not at all , confrontation would take place in between for the rest of life . They would fight , it will not work in their life and¬† this lady would write ‚úćÔłŹ her destiny with sorrow and pain for her balance life.
In other way round , when husband is in pain and betrayed , and family is in also pain how they can give positive thoughts to her , that is impossible , bur to retain  valuable relationship , it is important to format her mind by any means whether by counselling or personal talk to her . Forget that  a unwarranted situation evoked in the house and this lady has drifted from the right track , forgive her and try to retain her in home for the sake of impacted mind of children .
This solution was given , I do not know whether am I right or wrong ,

OM SHANTI ,Astrologer ashok  Kumar rai 







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