My humble greetings to everyone! This is the first time I am sharing my thoughts here and I am really thankful to avail this opportunity. As I have named this article-‘ Soul of Infinite Life’, I actually have referred here to a blessing in disguise,  which is nurturing the life on earth since ages. It is like a loving mother that is nourishing billion of creatures in it’s womb while catering to the needs of living world thriving on it with food, water and what not! She is not a living entity and is often referred to as dirt! Yes, she is SOIL- ‘ Soul of Infinite Life’ as stated by Dr JS Kanwar. Every year, 5 th December is celebrated as World Soil Day. This year’s theme is ‘Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity’.

In a quiet corner of the laboratory, I was contemplating on a conical flask containing a pinch of soil. On that day I wished to look at it with a different perspective, by personifying it. I eventually realized that the moment I would put in some chemicals and treat it following certain norms, it would tell us a numerical tale. A story of its service to the mankind and how much exhausted it is. My heart sank as I recalled the instances I had treated it with disrespect or had failed to understand its significance, before I took up this field. It’s altogether a funny thing to understand that our existence actually depends on the presence or absence of organisms that are billionth of our size. These tiny creatures resides beneath our feet and without their presence we may perish. According to the experts, it is high time that we began feeding the soil with organic food. It does the same to it’s health as organic food does to our body. Loving and caring it, will pay us in long run! 

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