This story was written by my son Nitin (6th grade), to encourage everyone to spare the turkey for Thanksgiving.

Hello, My name is Jeff. I am a male turkey that has lived in a farm and has had a peaceful life until now. Well, let me tell you. It all started with this thing that humans call “Thanksgiving”.

So, one day, I was talking to my turkey buddies if we should rob a bank this year (shhh… Don’t tell anyone). In the middle, our owner (the farmer), came in and rudely interrupted us by taking one of us. We noticed that he took the fattest one (Why? I don’t know, ask the farmer).

Then he acted like nothing happened and went back to his usual work; milking the cows, feeding the animals, etc. The next day it happened again, then the next, and the next and again. Soon, there were no turkeys left except me.

So, I decided to do something about this. When the farmer was asleep, I sneaked out of the barn and went to the place where all Turkeys were taken. To my profound surprise, I found all my friends and family dead! The guy wasn’t a farmer! He was a murderer! “How many banks I could have robbed with them”, I thought in melancholy. So, I decided to get revenge. 

I slowly crept my way back into the barn. I decided I had had a long day, so I went to sleep. The next day when I woke up, a dark luminous figure loomed above me; the farmer. I was fretting, and I hasn’t thought of a plan yet. He picked me up slowly and I started hyperventilating! Lento, he carried me to the place where he killed every other turkey.

No, I decided. I could not die like this. Quickly, I rammed into him. He was so taken aback by my attack that he dropped me! I  ran expeditiously from the “barn of the murderer” (I named it that, it is copyrighted), and the farmer quickly came back to his senses. He started chasing after me, but since I drank the farmer’s bottle of Gatorade today (it’s a long story), I managed to outrun him.

Today, I live at a farm where I have a caring and loving farmer who feeds me everyday. She does not try to kill me and I quit on trying to rob banks.