Special Shami tree worshiped on Dussehra

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Today we will talk about a special tree, in search of which I went to an inaccessible place in the morning, that is Shami, this tree has a special significance in Hinduism. Shami has the same importance as Peepal in Hinduism. Worship of Shami tree should be done where Peepal is not available, because by planting Peepal in the house, its roots spread, so worshiping Shami has been told in the scriptures.

Lord Shri Ram worshiped the Shami tree after the victory of Lanka, so worshiping the Shami tree on Dussehra has special significance. reward of giving gold to others

The Pandavas hid all their weapons in the Shami tree at the time of their exile and got them back during the Mahabharata war.

Offering the leaves of Shami tree to Lord Shiva gives manifold fruit and by offering flowers one gets infinite number of fruits.

According to Ganesh Purana, Shami Patra is very dear to Lord Ganesha and by offering him Shami Patra by his 21 names, he becomes happy.

Shami tree is also important in astrology, according to astrology, worshiping the Shami tree on Saturday evening calms the pain of the planet Saturn and gets rid of Shani’s wrath.

There is a special thing about Shami tree, leaves come out from its thorns, this tree is found only in inaccessible places on the mountains, it is a divine tree, Shami tree must be worshiped on Dussehra.

Searching shami on the mountain

Searching shami on the mountain pic

I have also brought a Shami tree from the mountain to my house today because there is a special significance of planting a Shami tree on Vijayadashami.

Special shami tree worshiped on dussehra 2
घर में आज लगाया शमी वृक्ष

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