Pranam to the Lotus feet of Mahadev -Gurudev,

Apologize for everything, in terms of writing, this is my first ever writing and I will make silly mistakes but I consider the audience as my family/Sangha.

I do not know how to tell the story of my experiences as I am not good at articulating, so let’s jump directly on the data facts.

I am an IT professional, by God’s grace working on the latest Tech, worked in the US for 14 years, and recently shifted to Germany with my family (wife and a son who is doing his bachelor in Europe (Prague))

I decided not to write paragraphs, so I let the audience conclude the answer of all whys.

Suddenly out of a blue, in 2014 stumbled upon the memoir of Swamiji when I was in Florida, finished the book in one sitting ( overnight) …………why I was chosen I don’t know

It was always my dream to shift from Florida to North Carolina tried several times for 5 years, suddenly things got in favor in 2015, and got a beautiful full-time offer from Research Triangle part. …………why I was chosen I don’t know

I used to do 40 Suryanamaskar almost regularly ( two to three times a week)

I am a heart patient ( stress and hereditary as per science), started getting angina pain (age 45) while walking in 2016 and got two stents in my heart, but this one is a life-changing experience. but I realized when I was pulled into Stretcher from my cushioned bed and two nurses were steering me into the operation theatre and in that short alley between my cushioned bed of hospital room to theatre strikes the chord. I have realized how lonely I am, I have to make this journey alone, nobody can share and come with me and I do not remember the count but if I can recall I called Swamiji maybe 2 to 3 times and after that, I resumed my Japa of ” Om Namah Shivaay”, the doctor told me you took the right step at the right time as they found 93% and 82% blockage in two arteries, the doctor decided to put one stent where severity was high and decided not to treat another blockage at the moment and I came out with flying colors but life has changed, priorities are changed, perspective got changed.

Hold on this is NO end here, after 2 days I was about to get discharged from the hospital and I was talking to the nurse when she was preparing the discharge paper (digitally) I got another severe angina pain, this is just a few minutes before I got discharged and they rushed me into Operation theatre ( it was Diwali) and I got operated again I know it is not operation or a major surgery but they used the same location to put fiber and stent and as that small wound was not properly healed got more loss of blood. But if you look at details of events and especially timings that are more important, always at RIGHT TIME blessings arrived before I lose my hope/faith and I was saved …………why I was chosen I don’t know

All things settled well and I was gaining my health back. I and Sonal decided to buy a house but we were fond of a lake where we used to go for walk, somehow we got affectionate with that walking area. We started looking around but did not like anything, one day we were just passing by a neighborhood that was near to that lake, Sonal said let’s take a turn and see this area and I took a turn and the first house has a board of sell. Somebody just put the board of “House on-sell” and went inside home. I put a break, took the photo, and sent it to my real estate agent.

Our Criteria for choosing a house was a laundry list

1) House should be near THAT lake
2) House should be on a budget
3) Neighborhood should be small
4) House should be in decent School zone, so for my son no change of school
5) Vastu compliant
6) All hardwood flooring, with kitchen and a small Puja room with tiles

This house was met all the above requirements, we were the first customer to ask the owner, everything was picture perfect except 5000$ more on the budget stretch which is not a stretch and we were willing to stretch, surprisingly when I applied for a loan/mortgage on that day itself interest rate went down, after few days appraisal of the house came and it was 5000$ lower and the owner was ready to reduce, picture-perfect…………why I was chosen I don’t know

We happily shifted to house and we did a lot of “Agnihotra (Yagya)”.

After a year or so, with my lazy lifestyle one day I got my heartache and we rushed to our cardiologist and he said, unfortunately, you have to go for stent again. I was shocked ( of course did not learn to control my food from earlier blessing), I decided not to go for “Surgery” again, Sonal was shocked with my decision and was in a dilemma whom to support one side is my health and Doctor’s suggestion and other side is my denial, but she followed my instinct we two decided to take some time and decide and did not answer “Yes” to the doctor. We came home. Sonal always prepares food very cautiously for a long but still, this thing happened, it happened because of me not because of her, my food intake was heavy. The next day I was watching TV and I came across an advertisement for a book by Dr. Furhman and I bought that book (The end of Heart Disease) and went over the book in a day and decided to try those methods/regime what he mentioned in the book and voila……………it worked like a charm, lost 15 kg and all my reports are normal and till date I am (By God’s grace) healthy………….why I was chosen I don’t know

Story continues…………

My Son got admission into a university in Estonia for his bachelor’s study, we were not sure about that country, never heard the name but he chose one university there so we two decided to drop him over there. Completely unknown place, we booked the air ticket and everything was aligned. At that time, Swamiji was answering questions on black lotus using “Swaminar”, somehow I was able to recall a question and answer in which Swamiji was thanking someone that memoir got translated with someone’s hard work in “Estonian” language. I tried to find that person, but the only information I was having is his name on black lotus nothing else. A day before leaving for Estonia, I found that person with the same name on Facebook and Linkedin and thought to put a message, I was not sure whether that is the same person or not but thought of trying. We departed and we were sitting at Copenhagen airport Margo responded on Linkedin with greetings “Jai shri hari” and we were astounded. We met him and he is an amazing person to meet, we met first outside of a temple ( ISKON temple in Tallinn) and Margo said I will come to the Railway station to meet you. We met and had a chai and a lifelong acquaintance in Estonia. …………why I was chosen I don’t know

It was always my fascination to shift to Europe from the US and I had been trying for a long to get shifted to the EU nothing worked even having enough latest tech. experience, nothing worked. Covid strikes and My son came home from Estonia and he decided not to pursue science but Management so applied for some other university and he got admitted to Prague and he stayed home for a year ( covid), last September (2021) he shifted to Prague and started his college and we decided to put him in a separate apartment instead of dorm/hostel because of covid. We realized that he needs us but the US is far from a frequent visit. One day I was just surfing around and one internal position popped up on my internal company website, I applied and we shifted to Germany. We shifted at the right time when our son needs us ( to be physically present and stay near to him). I had been trying to shift to the EU for 13 years nothing worked out and suddenly everything worked out when we were in need.

We met Swamiji once so far in the California retreat, We have never been to Badrika Ashram, neither of me nor my wife meets Swamiji in one-to-one meetings, just one group meeting.

In a nutshell, I do believe in coincidence but coincidence strikes at the right time ( in the nick of time literally). I DO NOT believe in a chain or sequence of coincidence, it is called “blessings”, and this is “Shower of blessings” by Guruji.

Swamiji is there to hold your hand, believe me, just surrender to him.

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