In the words of M.K. Gandhi,” One hour spent in spinning should be an hour of self-development for the spinner”.

The lines are correct as the time we spend while spinning is when we are with ourselves and have time to introspect and pay attention to any topic that we want to focus on.

The spinning wheel was a revolution for the start of mechanics, making work easy for individuals. With the development of society need of covering the human body became a necessity, but spinning was not a new act; it was being practised in society for a very long time. The way could have been different in different areas.

Spinning wheels can be of different types, from a standard one used by Gandhi and a mono one which is used in the upper parts of Himalayan ranges by the villagers.

If we see the action of spinning, it the time when an individual is fully mindful and his/her full concentration is on spinning. If we see an individual spinning a wheel, it is sitting straight with his/her spin straight and at a consistent speed is a perfect posture to be mindful of. In the rural regions in India and other parts of the world, it is a practice among village females to sing the glories of the divine along spinning wheels.

Every mindful movement of the wheel with the name of divine of the lips is a perfect sink that takes one to have an experience that we strive for. The blissful movement of the wheel with perfect chants along with it can lead to a great spiritual connection.

Experience it.

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