There has been spiritual boom all around the world lately. It’s good for the world though. We need more empaths and noble souls. However I have heard many people talking about various techniques of spirituality. But aren’t ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Techniques’ are antithesis?

      Some find it in crystals, some look for it in some kind of psychic readings or acts while some seek it in being vegans or hippies. I feel that over the period of time, we have made spirituality a sort of ‘trend’. The foremost natural and easy task has been turned into the most complex and complicated task. 

       Breathing is the most natural state of being but instead of focusing on the breathing; the inhalation and exhalation, we look for some miraculous ways which ultimately results in false beliefs, dogmas and rituals. Mindfulness is another natural state of being but in the race of ‘false spiritual egos’, we totally ignore it and rather look for vanity even in spirituality. We have to understand that Spirituality is not a trend but it’s a way of living.

Finding a true Guru is also very necessary but we must also know and realise that Guru is the means and not the end. Guru is the medium but not the goal. Blessed are those who have found a True Guru to lead them towards light and enlightenment so that we shouldn’t be Spiritual Astrays !!!