I had wisdom tooth coming and it started decaying before it came out completely. Don’t know how much wisdom these teeth bring but will surely bring dental issues. Since there was a bit of sensitivity, I decided to fix it and took appointment with my dentist.
After the dental job was done, I was driving back home. I was just taking a U turn , suddenly I see an auto driver shouting angrily and loudly. Wondering on whom is he shouting at, I took the turn but got a doubt- is he shouting at me? Why would he shout at me? I didn’t flout any rules? Before I turned, I stopped for the traffic to stop and this auto was far off and I had enough time to complete my turn before the auto approached, no way I obstructed him. This guy was so fuming and even after I turned he kept on shouting like a mad person. Not having experienced such thing before, I panicked a bit but then came by friend- my intellect- buddhi and said “ Remember you are divine, that guy must be in stress”. Thinking so, I was waiting at the signal. But this monster guy refuses to stop and is still talking something- don’t know what he was saying, my windows were rolled up but he is quite scary. If left free, he looked as if he would go about beating everyone around. It felt as if his venomous energy is piercing the car and coming on to me! I was alone in the car, didn’t think of retarting. Suddenly I remembered God is there in every one. I couldn’t help but ask God, “ How can you be in this nasty, monstrous person”?

My friend buddhi promptly said, “ If you can understand that you would be somewhere else”

Well that was harsh .

Hmm what to do! Then I remembered the teaching that everything is Reaction, Reflection and Resound. God! This monster person is my reflection?

That is depressing!

Even after reaching home the energy of the monster didn’t leave me. I felt so bad not saying anything back to him, at least I should have done something.

That venomous energy remained for quite sometime and I wanted to get cleansed of this energy .I went to my meditation place and sat for Meditation. Usually when I sit for meditation, I first calm down , fill myself with unconditional divine love and would send that love to everybody. Now, when I was trying to send unconditional love, this monster appeared. He is still shouting!

My father was spiritual advisor for many people. Once a person who was consulting my father said that he was strictly trying to follow my father’s instruction that he must first offer whatever he eats or drinks to God. Once apparently he went to a party where his friends forced him to drink alcohol. He resisted, they persisted, he was so helpless , he recited Brahmarpanam sloka ( verse in Geetha , offering the food to God before you consume) and drank beer it seems. Smart fellow. I need some trick like that now.

At this moment I heard a voice that said “Take a 5 min break from unconditional love”!
It sounded good. Immediately, in my inner scene, I tied up his hands and gave him 2 tight slaps. Suddenly buddhi said “Remember, He is your form only” I stopped for a moment.

Yes, he is my form only! Brilliant! Yes! It is like beating myself only!

I went back and gave him four more. I also said choicest of the sentences to him (just falling short of abuses- this buddhi will come and will start saying- Ma Saraswathi stays on your tongue- never to utter bad words- which I have been hearing from my birth and even while in my mother’s womb may be and have been following also)

But I am happy and content with what I did. Trust me, it was as powerful as taking the bath in sacred Ganga. Anyway, I stood under the waterfall and scrubbed away all the monster energy, danced around and expressed my happiness. When I sat back in the meditation, unconditional love is flooding the auto driver! He is no more a monster.

Don’t know whether this is Humor of my Higher Consciousness or Monkey mind’s master trick but I am a happy soul now

Hee hee

PS: All the characters are fictitious if you think that the entire creation is fictitious, otherwise they are real

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