I had been having palpitations the last few years, frequency was not much though. Cardiologists are not much bothered about palpitations, you know. They would simply say keep your stress in control. But when someone has an episode, it is not easy. It is like how an enlightened master thinks that life is an illusion but for us going through the struggles of life, it is very real and painful. 

Let me clarify, I am not complaining. My cardiologist is a very kind and competent one.

A dear friend suggested that this all could be because of hormonal changes, and that I should see her
physician once. The lady is indeed a good doctor. She gave me a magnesium supplement with Vitamin D3 ( mg 250g and D3 1000 IU, per day). I took these for a month and really felt good. When they got over, I went to buy again.

This time, the chemist gave me a different strip. I had never seen one like that before. It had one orange tablet
and 14 white tablets. The white tablets looked exactly the same as the ones I had taken before. When I had gone to buy these, there were many people standing there and because of the pandemic, like everyone else, I was in a great hurry to come out of the shop. These days, we all seem to be actually seeing and feeling the virus wherever people are there. Is the virus pushing us to become clairvoyant? Anyway, I just picked up the medicine and went home.

That day, while taking the tablet, I wondered what the orange tablet was, but I happily neglected the thought and
started taking the white tablets daily as prescribed. These days I have been consciously avoiding unnecessary stuff because I am sincerely trying to keep my mind empty as much as possible.

After taking these for a few days, I suddenly wanted to know exactly how much VitD3 is there in each tablet. After I popped the tablet that day, I turned the strip and checked. To my horror, it is written 60000 IU!

Whaaat! The dosage for 1 week for the severely D deficient cases, I had been taking every day! That too for several
days! I almost went blank. I must be D toxic by now!

It was 10pm. So I decided first to calm down and think peacefully about what has to be done. As usual, I tried to calm myself down by deep breathing, but as I tried to deep breathe, my heart seemed to beat faster. So I thought I should not focus on the breath and do something else.

My friend — my intellect or buddhi — came in and said, “Observe who is going through this stress?” Normally when I follow buddhi and do this observation, I am able to disconnect from my thoughts and would calm down. But now the mind is not in a position to listen to all the gyan. It shouted, “This is Sarvani that is going through this, and I am very much worried about having Vitamin D toxicity and this is absolutely not the time to run around hospitals.”
Ok ok, buddhi had to back off a bit.

I went and searched for symptoms of D toxicity. There were many listed: Fatigue (yes, I seem to be having these days), dry mouth (yes, of course, and even more now), too much calcium levels (for this I need a blood test), but I remembered I have been having vague heel pain past several days. Who knows? This must be a calcium deposit. Many more were listed, some scary ones like kidney stones and calcification of the arteries.

I remembered the protagonist in a brilliant book called ‘Three Men in a Boat’. He starts searching for the disease that matches his symptoms only to find out that he has all diseases except House Maid’s knee. I seemed to be in a similar position. I was experiencing almost all listed symptoms of D toxicity.

I went to the mirror and had a good look at my face. Eyes were normal, skin normal, no sign of toxicity. How come? Maybe the pranayama I had been doing cleared the toxins to some extent?

What to do now? I looked at my husband. He was sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb him. There is nothing that he can do at this time. I thought I should consult my younger sister who is a doctor, her husband, a gastroenterologist. I messaged her that I would call. But again, I changed my mind. I didn’t want to get her worried and disrupt her sleep. Moreover, as always I doubted myself, am I making a big fuss of this or is it really a scary situation? Because, it had happened many times before, that I would seriously worry about something and once it would be over, I would be laughing at myself about how unnecessarily scared I was! I can speak with her tomorrow.

I again Googled. Is D water-soluble or fat-soluble? It is fat-soluble it seems. And more difficult to eliminate! Nevertheless, I went and drank one full bottle of water hoping that at least some of it would be eliminated somehow. Then as always, I again ran to my meditation place. I decided to put all the learning into practice. I am Divine. I have infinite power in me. I am not this body or mind.

Then I gave instruction to my body that the 60000 IU toxin I took today shouldn’t be metabolized. How? I didn’t bother. It is for God to decide. Then I started breathing. With every inhalation, I would take in divine healing energy, with every exhalation, I was eliminating D toxicity from my body. This seemed to help.

Meanwhile, looking at my message, my sister called. I explained to her what had happened. She discussed this with her hubby and said this shouldn’t be very serious, and if I feel anything I should get a blood test done to check calcium level. This relaxed me a little and I went off to sleep.

The next morning, I told my husband the entire story. He was shocked, but doubted that such a thing can happen. He is not like me, you know. He is always super-alert and doesn’t have a thing like keep the mind empty always. Why will the chemist give without asking the potency if different potencies are available?

He went and checked the strip. Within a few seconds, he found that the orange tablet is the one that is 60000 IU D3 and the white tablets are Mg 250 mg and that I didn’t take any D3 at all from this new strip.

Whaaaattt! I was so relieved suddenly and was all smiles. So was my husband.

But a while later, I started wondering as to how did I have so many symptoms of D toxicity, in spite of knowing that I am not this body or mind and that I am divine! I also made a resolution — keep the mind empty but not while taking medicines. Ha ha.

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