I Talk Experience!

I am neither a good writer nor an orator but just putting my thoughts on the paper.

This all started in May 2021 where CoViD was at its peak. Maternal uncle has expired, my mother had just discharged from hospital and grandfather just admitted.

I am not feeling comfortable, let’s drive back to home. I am still feeling uneasy, my pulse is increasing now (I could check it in my handy Oximeter) and within few seconds it reaches 150. My legs are getting numb, it seems like I will fall from the bike back seat and this is the way a young & healthy fitness enthusiast ended up in hospital emergency ward at night 12:30 AM.

It was one of the Lucknow CoViD Hospital, but I didn’t think twice before stepping in the premises as CoViD shall give you a lead time to fight but Heart Attack will not if really it is. Yes, I was thinking that I am going to get a heart attack.

Doctor examined, my blood pressure was 110/160 and this is where my Spiritual Journey begins. Though it doesn’t look to me this way at that instance but later turned to be the same. Perhaps God’s Plan!

Doctor suggested me to meditate as it shall help to cope up with stress. I did have an interest towards meditation and spiritual upliftment before but didn’t expect I will start it in this way and eventually will reach to stage where my meditation experience(not sure if pleasant or unpleasant) will leave me clueless and I will start my quest for a Guru to seek further guidance.

Today I have a ton of questions where I seek your advice considering you all as my torch bearer and have a few experiences as well to share.

This is how my spiritual journey started(A Wake-Up Call), would be happy to know yours?

🙏Jai Sri Hari🙏

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