Everyone must be eagerly waiting to know what miracle unfolded on September 9, 2015. I am now fast-forwarding from 1979 to 2015. Before I get to that, I have to explain few significant events in my spiritual journey.
I was very depressed in April 2012. I was going to another Ashram from 2006-2011. I thought I had finally found my Guru. Initially, when I started to attend the Ashram, it was so beautiful, lots of nature, you could see waterfalls in the distant mountains, devotes were very loving, and the food served was very healthy and delicious. Though there were only 60-70 devotees, I didn’t have an opportunity to be in close quarters with the Guru. There was a barrier, and no one could go to one side of the Ashram. Ashram grew more prominent, and more devotees started to pour in. I began to know the inner circle, and I could not believe the things that were happening. I will write in detail in my future posts.
Devotees managing the affairs of the Ashram were so self-centered and rude. Yet, in the presence of the Guru, they were acting like Angels. The straw that broke the camel’s back happened in March 2012 when I attended a health program and felt disconnected. I thought I thought I had found my Guru. I was heartbroken as I had to start my search all over again to find my Guru. It was one of the lowest points of my life.
Rudraksha always attracted me. I had bought a Gowri-Shankar Rudraksha at the end of the health program. I wanted to know more details about this particular Rudraksha. I went online and found Rudra Center dealing in all kinds of Rudrakshas. Neetaji is the founder and owner of Rudra Center. Guruji has conducted two satsangs in the beautiful auditorium named Chara Yoga center. Neetaji was kind enough to hold the event with no charges for the use of the facilities. I met Neetaji, and she said, “Ganesh Guru will find you at the right time. You don’t have to go searching for a Guru”.
I said, “Oh, Yes, for sure, Neetaji, I am 56 now. I have been searching from when I was 29, maybe in the next life!!!!!.” To my surprise, it came true. I will pen how this miracle unfolded in my future blogs.
Another momentous event was meeting Guruji on November 19, 2012.
My life changed forever. Setting my eyes on the lotus petal eyes of Guruji soaked in love and compassion was like a bird flying in the desert exhausted, tired, suddenly finding an oasis and quenching the thirst.
I finally found my Guru. I am unable to express the joy I experienced in words. One has to experience it to feel it.
Many interesting, funny, jawdropping, and miraculous incidents happened between November 2012 and December 2018. Keep looking for my future posts.
I had planned to visit Ashram in September 2015. Guruji asked me to come on September 2, take part in Janmashtami celebration on September 5 ( Birthday Of Krishna ) and leave on September 12, 2015.
I asked Guruji if it was ok to come on September 12 and leave on September 22. The person taking care of my mother in my absence had some previously committed engagement. Guruji insisted that I come to Ashram on November 2, 2015. I had in 2014 changed the date despite Guruji insisting that I go on a particular date, and I paid a high price for it. I will pen more details in future posts.
I decided to make alternate arrangements and go to Ashram on September 2, 2015, as decided by Guruji.
The weather in Ashram was gorgeous. Guruji’s face was radiating like the glow of one lakh suns. On Janmashtami day, I offered the divine dance soaked in “Vathasalya Bhava” ( Mother’s love for a child) at the lotus feet of Guruji. The theme was the motherly love of Yashodha applying oil, bathing, hugging, adorning, giving food, and rocking baby Krishna to sleep.
I was soaking in devotion and bliss every day. The Ashram was so peaceful as we were only about 7-8 devotes. I got up like any other day, on September 9, 2015, brimming with energy, and attended the Arthi in the morning in the temple. The weather was gorgeous. Blue skies with white puffy clouds, sun rays gently kissing you, and the wind blowing. After lunch, I was taking a sunbath on the terrace with railings, where we served food during celebrations over the men’s dormitory. (Devotees who visited Ashram those days will know what I am talking about.)
Raghu Swamiji came and announced that everyone should go to their rooms as in half an hour, the dynamite will blast to break the rocks. The dynamite was placed 20 ft below where the Goshala is today.
I walked to the old meeting room. The meeting room was located at least 300 to 400 meters or more away on the X-axis and about 500 meters or more away on the Y-axis from where dynamite will be blast 20ft below the ground. Just Outside the meeting room is a covered porch with a sloping roof. As the weather was beautiful with a gentle breeze blowing, I decided to sit just outside the meeting room between the door of the meeting room and the first room close to the wall and read a book. This corner would be perfectly safe as it is far away from the blasting point and the sloping roof of the porch prevents any direct access to splinters or other debris. Moreover, there are railings on the terrace that will deflect the splinters in other directions.
I was sitting in the chair reading a book written by Guruji with my head tilted down. I heard the blasting noise. What happened in the next few minutes is like in the movies. Stay tuned to my next post . Please feel free to post your comments, and discussions are most welcome.