The weather was picture perfect, the blue skies, puffed clouds, the cool breeze along with the Giri Ganga gently flowing with a murmuring peaceful chant. I took a deep breath, and the fresh air filled my lungs, ready to dive into one of the books written by Guruji. I walked to the covered Patio in front of the meeting room, sat on the chair, and started to read the book written by Guruji with my head slightly tilted down. What happened next is an astonishing miracle that I experienced in my life.
As I heard the dynamite blast, I felt intense pain, something scraping my scalp, and I looked up to see in shock blood spurting all over the wall. The next thing I know, blood is oozing out from my scalp. I was confused, terrified. I got up in a panic, blood now flowing down over my shirt, pant adorning the concrete cement, in the backdrop of the beautiful blooming rose flowers.
I started losing the vision in the right eye. Now I am in fear and trepidation. My reflexes began to kick in. I said I have to run to the deck to get help before losing my left eye’s vision. I started running in the direction of the steel railings lining the deck on the three sides. I am now covering my right eye that has almost no vision, running and screaming, “I am losing my eyesight. I am bleeding”. Ten thousand one thoughts are crossing my mind. That run from the covered Patio of the meeting room to the concrete deck, hardly about 15 -20 feet, felt like the longest, most arduous run in my life.
As I reached the concrete deck Hemmaji (now Sadviji Sushree), standing next to Shamta Mataji’s cottage, started shouting, “Ganesh needs Help.” One stone flew all the way to Shamta Mataji’s cottage and broke the windowpane, and crashed inside the room, damaging few things. Hearing this noise, Hemmaji, staying in one of the four rooms adjacent to Shamata Mataji’s cottage, came running outside. Seeing me bleeding in the distance on the deck, she was horrified and started to shout for help. (Thanks and my eternal gratefulness to Hemmaji now Sadviji Sushree). I sat on the concrete floor, and immediately I chanted. “Om Swamine Namah” and placed my right hand on the bleeding wound on my head. I said to myself, if I die now, this is the most sacred place to depart. I leave it to Guruji, who is the Ashram, to decide what is best for me.
People started rushing to me, running from all directions. Someone got a pack of ice, and few people supported me and took me to the Patio and made me sit in the chair and placed the ice pack on the wound in my head, still bleeding. Someone started to pour water to clean the Patio, and the blood mixed with water started to make its way to the soil; my blood mixed in the sacred Ashram soil forever.
As the news spread in the village, the villagers and the village ladies working nearby rushing to the Patio. One of the ladies seeing blood all over me, and Patio fainted on the spot. Immediately people took her away to give her the first aid remedy required. The scene was like one of the sets of Bollywood movies. Everyone was in fear and Panic. News reached Tathagat ( Guruji). In no time, Guruji came rushing. Seeing Guruji’s face radiant like millions of suns with a gentle smile, I forgot all my pain and bleeding. It was like the soft rays of the morning sun melting the dewdrops, or should I say like the gentle cool rays of the shining full moon. What followed next, Gurujis’s soft words, compassion, kindness, humor, and healing; I experienced a miracle unfolding in my life; I was re-born, my second birthday September 9, 2015. I will pen the details in the next post. I experienced many miracles and intriguing incidents with Guruji, which I will share in my future posts.
After a week, as I started to calm down from the trauma of this unthinkable incident, a sudden thought flashed in my mind “When did my vision in the right eye come back?”. “Was it divine intervention?”. Stay tuned to my next post. Please feel free to post your comments, and discussions are most welcome.